Cytolnat CytolSlim Slimming Cream 200 ml

Cytolnat CytolSlim Slimming Cream 200 ml

Brand : Cytolnat Cytolnat
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CytolNat CytolSlim is a slimming cream that helps refine the figure and restore firmer, more toned skin. The Cytolslim slimming cream from the CYTOLNAT laboratory is also recommended for preventing stretch marks and cellulite.

What is CYTOLNAT CytolSlim Slimming Cream 200ml used for?

This slimming treatment combines caffeine, an active ingredient known for its action on the removal of excess fat, and Centella asiatica, which activates microcirculation and stimulates collagen synthesis.
The silhouette is refined and tissues firmed, with a visible reduction in "orange peel" skin.

Cytolslim is also recommended for the prevention of stretch marks and cellulite.

In fact, stretch marks appear in women at specific times: when the skin is weakened, or subjected to excessive stress. This is the case during puberty (hormonal surges and bodily changes can weaken the skin), pregnancy, rapid weight gain or illness.

Reveal your dream figure:

CytolNat CytolSlim is more than just a slimming cream. It's the fruit of years of research and innovation, designed to help you sculpt the figure you've always dreamed of. Thanks to its unique formula, enriched with powerful natural active ingredients, CytolSlim effectively targets stubborn areas of fat, promoting visible inch loss. Its light texture and rapid absorption make it the ideal companion for your daily skincare routine.

Tone and firm your skin:

Beyond its slimming action, CytolNat CytolSlim is a genuine beauty treatment for your skin. It works deep down to tone and firm tissues, revealing firmer, smoother and visibly younger-looking skin. Whether you want to prevent or reduce the signs of aging, such as stretch marks or cellulite, CytolSlim is your ally. Its vitamin- and antioxidant-rich formula nourishes and protects your skin, leaving a soft, satiny finish.

Prevent stretch marks and cellulite:

No one is immune to stretch marks and cellulite, those aesthetic scourges that can affect self-confidence. CytolNat CytolSlim offers an effective preventive solution thanks to its premium ingredients. By stimulating collagen production and improving skin elasticity, this slimming cream helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks and visibly reduce cellulite. Incorporate CytolSlim into your skincare routine to preserve your skin's natural beauty.

We also offer Eric Favre Lipoxycut Gel Minceur 150 ml, at the best price in our online pharmacy.

How do I use this slimming cream?

For optimum results, apply a dab of Cytolslim slimming cream twice a day (preferably on rising and at bedtime, after a shower or bath).
Massage Cytolslim well into each area (thighs, buttocks, hips, stomach...) you wish to slim and reshape.

To prevent stretch marks, apply half a hazelnut of Cytolslim twice a day, massaging it into the affected areas continuously.

  • Attack treatment: two consecutive months recommended.
  • Maintenance treatment: two consecutive weeks every month.

A balanced diet and physical activity are essential to maintain the benefits of CytolSlim.

How long does it take to see results with CytolNat CytolSlim?

The first results are generally visible after four weeks of regular use. For optimum results, we recommend continuous use for at least three months.

Is CytolNat CytolSlim suitable for all skin types?

Yes, CytolSlim has been formulated to suit all skin types, including sensitive skin, thanks to its natural, well-tolerated ingredients.

Can CytolNat CytolSlim be used during pregnancy?

Although CytolSlim is made from natural ingredients, we recommend consulting a healthcare professional before using this product during pregnancy.

What is the composition of Cytolslim® slimming care?

CytolSlim® uses a patented alcohol-free complex that allows caffeine to penetrate with high bioavailability while being released gradually.
Caffeine has lipolytic activity on four levels:

  • it inhibits phosphodiesterase-induced cAMP degradation,
  • it also inhibits fat storage by stimulating beta-adrenergic receptors (receptors on the surface of adipocytes which have lipolytic activity when activated)
  • it improves capillary permeability
  • and promotes disinfiltration of the collagenous tissue surrounding the adipocyte.

The titrated extract of Centella Asiatica (known as TECA), the second major active ingredient in CytolSlim®, combats skin slackening linked to the reduction in volume of adipocyte lobules by actively acting on skin firmness. This extract contains numerous triterpenes (asiatic acid, madecassic acid, asiaticoside) which stimulate the fibroblast to re-synthesize dermal collagen.
The increased volume of adipocyte lobules, combined with water retention, prevents proper vascularization of deep dermal tissues.
As a result, collagenous connective tissue loses its elasticity.

Improving adipose tissue vascularization and stimulating collagen synthesis thanks to two major active ingredients (caffeine and Centella Asiatica) clinically proven to be effective
enable effective action on the "orange peel" effect while firming the skin.

Presentation - Packaging:

CytolNat CytolSlim Slimming Cream is available in our pharmacy in 200ml tubes.

How to combat stretch marks?

Stretch marks are irreversible: once they've appeared, it's impossible to make them go away. However, there are ways of preventing stretch marks, and sometimes even mitigating their effects. Bear in mind, however, that only preventive treatments are truly effective against stretch marks.

As far as possible, avoid anything that can cause excessive tension in the skin and thus encourage the appearance of stretch marks: rapid weight gain, often caused by "yo-yo dieting", is not recommended. Stress and long exposure to the sun are not recommended: a healthy lifestyle will in all cases be beneficial in preventing the appearance of stretch marks.

Sport is very beneficial in the fight against the appearance of stretch marks: the more toned your muscles under the skin are, the more your overall silhouette is transformed. This is particularly striking for the breasts, for example: these inert glands, which rest directly on the pectorals, can only be truly supported if the chest muscles are sufficiently toned. Otherwise, stretch marks are more likely to appear.

Sunbathing can also be harmful: in the presence of a recent stretch mark, as in the case of a recent scar, sun exposure should be avoided for at least a year, until the skin turns white.

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