100 times reusable fabric barrier mask Category 1


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Bag of 2 barrier masks UNS 1 anti-projection in comfortable quality fabric reusable 100 times special COVID 19, made in France, on sale in our organic pharmacy. Intended to prevent the projections of droplets of seasonal viruses (coronavirus, influenza) for adults and children.

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Used for : virus prevention, virus prevention

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    The “ barrier mask ” device is intended to supplement barrier gestures and social distancing rules. It is intended for the public and in particular for any healthy or asymptomatic person. The barrier mask does not in any way exempt the user from the systematic application of barrier gestures , which are essential, as well as social distancing rules aimed at fighting viral infections (such as seasonal flu , SARS, COVID-19 coronavirus) . This device is not intended for use by healthcare personnel in contact with patients. Filtering masks of the FFP2 type and masks for medical (or surgical) use, available in pharmacies, are intended to be used and reserved for healthcare personnel.

    What are the Indications for Reusable Anti-Splash Barrier Mask?

    STOPCOVID flat model barrier mask Category 1 Washable 100 times Adult / Child made in France

    Mask made in FRANCE Category 1 UNS1 WASHABLE AND REUSABLE validated by the DGA 100 times.
    Soft and comfortable jersey material for adults and children alike at school. Certified washable 100 times.
    Individual mask for use by professionals in contact with the public (according to the interministerial information note of March 29, 2020)
    Filtration efficiency of 3μm particles: 98.4% (1μm particles: 96%)

    Breathability : air permeability test 243 L.m².S-1 for a vacuum of 100 Pa

    Oeko-tex certified material
    Machine wash at 60 ° C with conventional detergent. Drum drying. Certified washable 100 times. The mask wearing time is limited to 4 hours for optimal effectiveness.
    This mask is intended for the professional environment and is exclusively reserved for Non-Sanitary Uses (UNS). It is intended to prevent the projection of droplets. The use of this mask is part of the strict application of measures related to confinement, work organization measures as well as barrier gestures. This individual mask is intended to be offered to professionals who have to meet a large number of people during their activities (cashiers, law enforcement officers).

    Directions for use and dosage

    • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the mask.
    • Do not touch the inside of the mask.
    • Use the ends of the ribbons to manipulate the mask so that your hands stay as far away from your face as possible.
    • If adjustment elements (straps, nose bar): adjust to best fit your face
    • Do not touch the mask with your hands when wearing it
    • Wash your hands after removing the mask
    • Only wear the mask when necessary. In the case of home insulation, for example, wear it if there are other people in the same room.
    • Do not use the same mask for more than 4 consecutive hours
    • Respect social distances of 1m, 1m50 if possible

    Comment on the recommendations for use and dosage mask splash barrier reusable cloth with our partner Avis checked after your purchase.

    This device is neither a medical device within the meaning of regulation EU / 2017/745 (surgical masks), nor personal protective equipment within the meaning of regulation EU / 2016/425 (filtering masks of FFP types) available for sale in pharmacy.

    You can also consult this leaflet: How to properly use and wear a barrier mask?

    What is the composition?

    STOPCOVID flat model barrier mask Category 1 Washable 100 times Adult / Child (sold in a bag of 2)

    Soft, comfortable jersey material for any use, whether for adults at work or kids at school.

    Precaution of use

    • Withstands 100 wash cycles for category 1 masks

    Washing precaution:

    • Wash at 60 °
    • Money laundering prohibited
    • do not use a dryer
    • ironing at medium temperature
    • Dry cleaning prohibited

    Presentation - Packaging

    Available in a bag of 2 for the STOPCOVID flat model white barrier masks Category 1 Washable 100 times Adult / Child packaged by 2 with instructions for the mask for adults or children integrated . Very good quality fabric, economical solution for businesses and schoolchildren.

    Our advice and expert opinion in natural health

    This mask, which is not intended for nursing staff or in direct contact with patients, does not replace barrier gestures against the spread of viruses , such as washing hands, and especially wearing it when going out shopping, looking for medication in pharmacies, going to school or high school, or in your home to avoid spreading the virus to your home, requires handling precautions.
    Do not use alcohol or bleach, which could damage the fabric and therefore its filtration capacities. Here too, the wearing of fabric masks is limited in time, if the person must wear several of them during the day, the user masks must be isolated and stored in a bag before returning to their home to be washed.

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