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Le Comptoir Aroma is a brand of biological aromatherapy , belonging to Laboratoires Gilbert, a family business based in Normandy.

Le Comptoir Aroma offers a wide range of organic essential oils certified or controlled by Ecocert and HEBBD Le Comptoir Aroma essential oils are of pharmaceutical quality, guaranteeing safety, quality, traceability and effectiveness. Le Comptoir Aroma also has various ready-to-use formulas.

Because the quality of an essential oil determines its virtues, all the essential oils from Comptoir Aroma are:

• Certified or controlled Organic
• 100% pure
• 100% natural
• HEBBD (Botanically and Biochemically Defined Essential Oils).

They are neither diluted, nor modified, nor terpeneless or reconstituted.

And all our ready-to-use products are guaranteed :

• of natural origin
• paraben free
• without perfume
• Without colouring

Health and preserved nature have always been our priorities. In order to guarantee you the best essential oils , Le Comptoir Aroma is committed to a policy of constant quality of its products, ranging from the selection of terroirs and plants to the finished product. This quality is reflected in our Le Comptoir Aroma Quality Charter.

What is aromatherapy ?

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for preventive, curative or wellness purposes. It has a therapeutic aim when it aims to treat a specific symptom, whether physical or psycho-emotional, but it can also provide access to serenity and relaxation. The essential oil is intended to be both an olfactory and therapeutic companion in your daily life.

History of aromatherapy :

Aromatherapy (from the Latin "aroma": aroma and from the Greek "thérapeia": care, cure) is the use of aromatic extracts from plants for therapeutic purposes.

The use of essential oils dates back to ancient Egypt where they were used, among other things, for the conservation of mummies.

In 1935, the French chemist René Maurice Gattefossé developed modern aromatherapy. The anecdote is famous: while doing research in perfumery, the chemist seriously burned his hands. He then decided to apply lavender essential oil to his wounds. The results were astounding and confirmed his intuition: lavender essence has real antiseptic and healing properties. From then on, he devoted part of his research to the properties of essential oils .

Pierre Franchomme then defined the notion of chemotype and made it possible to precisely determine the properties and indications of each essential oil.

Today, aromatherapy is booming and attracting increasing interest from a wide audience. It provides simple and effective solutions to the ailments of everyday life.

Essential oils are fragrant and volatile substances, extracted from aromatic plants in liquid form. These so-called “aromatic” plants are the only organs that produce essential oils, capable of secreting and storing essences in their tissues. The composition of essential oils is very complex since they can contain up to several hundred different molecules. They are powerful natural compounds and very effective in terms of health, beauty and well-being.

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