Homeopathy ARSENICUM ALBUM Dose Globules Boiron 4CH 5CH 7CH 9CH 12CH 15CH 30CH

Boiron dilutions homéopathiques Boiron dilutions homéopathiques

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Homeopathy ARSENICUM ALBUM single dose Boiron 4CH 5CH 7CH 9CH 12CH 15CH 30CH


Registered drug: EH00013
Joined the pharmacopoeia
Origin: Synthesis


It is indeed white arsenic also known as arsenic anhydride or arsenic trioxide which is at the origin of the homeopathic arsenicum album remedy.

Presentation of the Arsenicum album in a single dose

It is a product derived from Arsenic, very popular in homeopathy for its many virtues. Obtained by very high temperature insulation of nickel, cobalt and steel contained in Arsenic.
The powder thus obtained will subsequently be diluted in lactose to remove the last arsenic residues in the product.

Properties of the Arsenicum album in a single dose

Arsenicum album is a homeopathic remedy very often prescribed by homeopathic doctors. It is the remedy against many nervous disorders related to anxiety, fear and guilt. Arsenicum album is often present in the pharmacies of very anxious people, pessimists, constantly fearing for the health of their relative.
The main areas of action:
Anxiety, Fatigue and weakness, Spasms and tremor, Palpitations,
Hypothermia and chills, Asthma, Nausea and acid reflux, Diarrhea.

Homeopathy ARSENICUM ALBUM Boiron monodose 4CH 5CH 7CH 9CH 12CH 15CH 30CH is a homoeopathic medicine usually used in the treatment of several pathologies. It is recommended to alleviate particular symptoms and improve the immune system of the patient.

The indications in acute pathology of Arsenicum album

Arsenicum album is also recommended for the treatment of disorders such as acute cystitis. The drug facilitates urination through its necrotizing action on the cells responsible for this disease.
Uterine infections as well as vaginitis can also be treated with Arsenicum album. However, treatment must be accompanied by antibiotics to effectively eradicate the virus.
Arsenicum album can also be used in addition to a main treatment, homeopathic or medicinal, so it can be used to treat some symptoms, secondary symptoms that may accompany a disease. For example, it can remedy feelings of extreme weakness and burning sensations.

Homeopathy ARSENICUM ALBUM Dose Globules Boiron 4CH 5CH 7CH 9CH 12CH 15CH 30CH is used:

  • ENT: in case of canker sores, gingivitis and dry mouth.
  • In behavioral disorders: to reduce anxiety, pessimism and nighttime anxieties.
  • In dermatology: to treat rashes caused by burns. It is also effective against scalp dandruff, zonas, herpes, impetigo and dermatitis.
  • In pneumology: in case of asthma.

Recommended dosage of single dose Arsenicum album

For acute pathologies, taking 5 granules of Arsenicum album 9CH every four hours is recommended. Depending on the improvement of the state of the patient, the single dose may be spaced and decreased gradually.
For the treatment of food poisoning, three granules of Arsenicum album 9CH every hour are recommended until healing.
In addition, a dose of Arsenicum album 12CH every three days for three weeks is the recommended dosage against zonas.
Finally, to fight against problems related to emotional instability (excessive anxiety, permanent stress, depression, etc.), taking three granules of Arsenicum album 9CH three times a day is recommended until the improvement of state of the patient.

Tips for using the Arsenicum album and instructions for use

Turn the tube to drop the desired number of into the cap and then deposit the granules under the tongue.

It is advisable not to touch the fingers homeopathic granules.

The globules of the single dose tubes are absorbed at one time by allowing them to dissolve slowly under the tongue. If there is no dose, take 10 granules of the same dilution.

Use a toothpaste without mint (of the type Homéodent BOIRON).

Conditioning Arsenicum album and capacity

Translucent granule dose tube.
Each tube color corresponds to a dilution
yellow 4CH green 5CH red 7CH blue 9 CH green water 12CH orange 15CH purple 30CH

Weight 1g.

Precaution of use with Arsenicum album


Contains sacchararosis.

Keep homeopathic medicines Arsenicum album away from light, heat, moisture.

Give homeopathic granules to babies and children

For album Arsenicum granules or alcoholic drops dissolve in 100ml of water. The granules being very long to dissolve, it is necessary to prepare your mixture in advance.

Homeopathy and pregnancy

Arsenicum album homeopathic medicines have no chemical toxicity, nor against indication, nor interaction with other drugs, nor of undesirable effect related to the quantity of product ingested. The pregnant women can take care without known risk for them and their future child, but it is better to seek advice.

Frequency of use of homeopathy

In acute conditions, it is advisable to take homeopathic remedies every hour until symptoms improve. Therefore, it is necessary to space the catches, 3 or 4 times per day, then to stop progressively.
In chronic conditions, Arsenicum album remedies in low dilution (> to 9CH) are taken 1 to 2 times per day, the basic remedies are taken once a week or even once a month. This decision belongs to the homeopath.

Conduct to be held in the absence of improvement within 24 hours

Certain pathologies can not be treated in homeopathy by simple self-medication. Their severity requires medical advice that can be delivered by a homeopathic doctor. This doctor will judge if your condition can be cured by Arsenicum album homeopathy alone or if your treatment needs to be supplemented with allopathy.

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