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Our hips took a few inches and cellulite settled under our skin. It is therefore time to use the greatest possible means: the slimming gel is ours! In the anti-cellulite war, the choice of weapons is increasingly vast. The creams are firming , remodeling , smoothing , fat-burning ... Oil, gel, cream; precise targeting of rebel areas etc. There is something for all tastes and desires.

A slimming gel reduces localized fatty deposits covering muscle tissue to make them visible. Tones the skin and makes it firmer and more elastic, in order to better adapt to the contours and thus redefine the underlying muscle tissue.

How to use its organic slimming gel to reduce the appearance of orange peel

Do you want to lose weight on your stomach , buttocks , thighs or arms ? To firm the body area you are targeting, use an organic slimming gel to shape your body and achieve your slimming goal. A slimming gel is used most of the time in pre-session or when coming out of the shower, so that the active products penetrate the epidermis more easily and they act in depth on bad fats.

The organic slimming gel helps reduce the orange peel appearance and firms the skin. The active ingredients based on essential oils and medicinal plants help to improve the texture of the skin.

If there is no unstoppable method to prevent the appearance of cellulite, it is possible to reduce it and prevent it from reappearing:

  • Adopt a reasoned diet: varied and balanced, it does not contain too much fat, sugars or salt.
  • To move ! Adopting regular physical activity helps eliminate fat and optimize blood circulation.
  • Take care of yourself: Select the most suitable anti-cellulite cure, choose your texture and enjoy the massage to make your slimming ritual a real well-being break.

What is the principle of slimming gels?

Slimming products most often contain active associations combining several actions:

  • Lipolytic action: leading to the reduction of fatty deposits
  • Venotonic action: activating circulation and indirectly fat drainage

The mechanical effect caused by the massage during the application of slimming gels also promotes the reduction of dimpling. In fact, massage improves tissue drainage, disinfiltrates them, breaks up fatty deposits, upsets cellulite, reduces water retention . It also stimulates the muscles, activates blood circulation , sweeps away toxins.

All things that pave the way for the active and help them to do their best job. Among these assets, precisely, a few stars: the caffeine contained in guarana , which promotes the destocking of fats by breaking lipid molecules; ivy , with a decongestant effect; horse chestnut bark , very effective against cellulite. Another gesture favorable to the preparation of the treatment, the exfoliation , which loosens the dead cells and refines the stratum corneum, making it more permeable to the product.

The gesture is always done, following the blood path in the veins, going up from the ankles to the heart. Without pressing or pulling the skin, but by repeating the movement several times to have an impact on the circulation and to stimulate the tissues. Apply your treatment in the morning on an empty stomach, because the body is then in the phase of destocking fats. And in the evening, after bathing or showering, when the skin is warmed up and receptive, which facilitates the penetration of the product.

If you are athletic, spread yourself before exercise to immediately burn the fats mobilized and avoid their restocking, or after, to improve the combustion of fatty acids released during exercise.

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