Aspivenin Mini Pump on sale in our pharmacy bio, you can if you are stung or bitten neutralize pain or itching quickly and efficiently.

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    Description Aspivenin Mini Pump


    Aspivenin Mini Pump has a mini-pump that sucks the poison that was injected by the insect, snake (viper ...), arachnids (scorpions, chiggers ...), fish (bright .. .) or certain plants (stinging). The mechanism allows Aspivenin cause flash vacuo and permanent 10 times the oral suction. It intantanément Reduces itching, pain, swelling consecutive bites and stings. Very easy to use, it can be used with one hand and is reusable hundreds of times.


    Using advice from Aspivenin Mini Pump


    • Choose the sucker best suited to the sting or bite and place the end of the pump.
    • Pull the plunger fully (half for a child).
    • Place the suction cup on the injury.
    • Press the plunger to push it to the end without letting go.
    • Leave ASPIVENIN the necessary time, you will find an indicative table for each animal in the pocket.
    • Remove pump lifting the knob of the piston.
    • Disinfect the wound with an antiseptic wipe (not included).
    • If pain has not disappeared, repeat the process.


    Precaution of use


    It is recommended to consult a doctor in case of dubious snake bite or if the skin swells after an injection.
    Do not apply to eyelids and external genitalia.


    Aspivenin Introducing Mini Pump


    Box containing the syringe and 4 tips.

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