BRAVECTO FLURALANER very small dog flea 112.5 MG Tablets 2-4.5 kg

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BRAVECTO FLURALANER very small dog flea 112.5 MG Tablets 2-4.5 kg View larger

BRAVECTO FLURALANER DOG 112.5 MG Tablets for dogs of very small (2-4.5 kg), veterinary medicine insecticide (flea) and acaricide (tick repellent)

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Used for : sandfly, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes

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BRAVECTO FLURALANER DOG 112.5 MG Tablets for very small dogs (2-4.5 kg)

  • Eliminates Ctenocephalides felis fleas immediately and for 12 weeks
  • Eliminates ticks Ixodes ricinus, Dermacentor reticulatus and Dermacentor variabilis of

Description Bravecto Fluralaner

This veterinary medicinal product is an insecticide and acaricide systemic ensures:
- Immediate and persistent insecticide activity against fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) for 12 weeks;
- Immediate and persistent acaricide activity on ticks for 12 weeks for Ixodes ricinus, Dermacentor reticulatus and Dermacentor variabilis;
- Immediate and persistent acaricide activity on ticks for 8 weeks for Rhipicephalus sanguineus.

Bravecto is a chewable tablet for the treatment equipment fleas and ticks in dogs. This insecticide and acaricide systemic acts on the fleas and ticks when they attach to the animal and begin feeding. The product's efficacy is observed in the first 8 hours in chips, and the first 12 hours in ticks.

Bravecto can be used as part of a treatment against allergy dermatitis flea (FAD).

Directions for use of Bravecto Fluralaner

BRAVECTO ® should be administered according to the table (corresponding to a dose of 25-56 mg fluralaner / kg body weight in a range of weight):

Dogs: 25 to 56 mg per kg fluralaner.
2 to 4.5 kg: 1 tablet 112.5 mg for dogs of very small size.
Of> 4.5 to 10 kg: 1 tablet 250 mg for small dogs.
> 10 20 kg: 1 tablet 500 mg for medium dogs.
Of> 20-40 kg: 1 tablet 1000 mg for large dogs.
Of> 40-56 kg: 1 tablet 1400 mg for dogs of very large size.
More than 56 kg: 2 tablets association that is closest weight.
Intervals between treatments:
- Infestation by fleas: 12 weeks.
- Infestation by ticks: 12 weeks against I. ricinus, D. reticulatus and D. variabilis. 8 weeks against R. sanguineus.
Do not break or split the tablets.
Administer at or around the time of the meal.
The chewable tablet is well accepted by most dogs. If it is not taken voluntarily, it can also be given with food or directly into the mouth. Monitor the dog for the administration to ensure that the tablet has been ingested.

The chewable tablets should not be broken or divided.
For dogs over 56 kg body weight, use a combination of two tablets that most closely matches the body weight.

- Method of administration
Administer BRAVECTO ® Chewables at or around the time of the meal.
BRAVECTO ® is a chewable tablet and is well accepted by most dogs. If the tablet is not taken voluntarily by the dog, it can also be given with food or directly into the mouth. The dog should be monitored during the administration to ensure that the tablet has been ingested.

- Treatment Program
For optimal control of flea infestation, the veterinary medicinal product should be administered at 12-week intervals. For optimal control of tick infestation, reprocessing schedule depends on the species of tick. See "Indications for Use".


The fluralaner is an acaricide and insecticide. It is effective against ticks (Ixodes spp., Dermacentor Rhipicephalus sanguineus) and fleas (Ctenocephalides spp.) In dogs.
The fluralaner has potent activity against ticks and fleas for its action via the parasitic power, that is to say it is active systemically on target pests.
The fluralaner shown to potently inhibit certain parts of the nervous system of arthropods by an antagonistic action on the chloride channel (GABA and glutamate receptor).
In targeted molecular studies on GABA receptors and chip fly, the fluralaner is not affected by resistance to dieldrin.
In bio-assays in vitro, the fluralaner is not affected by the field proven resistance against amidines (tick), organophosphates (tick and mite) cyclodienes (tick, flea, fly), macrocyclic lactones (pou fish), the phénylpyrazones (tick, flea), ureas benzophényl (tick), pyrethroids (tick, mite) and carbamates (mite).
The product helps to control flea populations in areas to which access treated dogs.
New infestations of fleas on dogs are killed before viable eggs are produced. An in vitro study also demonstrated that very low concentrations of fluralaner halt production of viable eggs by fleas.
The life cycle of the chip is broken due to the rapid implementation of the action and the long-term effect against adult fleas on the animal and the absence of production of viable eggs.

Chewable tablet.
• BRAVECTO® 112.5 mg Tablets for dogs of very small (2-4.5 kg):
FLURALANER: 112.5 mg
* Excipients qs 1 tablet
* (Including pork liver flavor)

Precaution of use

No special storage conditions.
Keep out of the sight and reach of children.

Do not use in cats.

Adverse events commonly observed in clinical trials (1.6% of treated dogs) are mild and transient gastrointestinal effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite and salivation.
• Precautions and warnings for the target species:
- In the absence of data, do not use in puppies less than 8 weeks and / or in dogs weighing less than 2 kg.
- Do not administer the product within 8 weeks apart, as safety for shorter intervals have not been tested.
- To be exposed to fluralaner, parasites must have begun to feed on the animal. The risk of transmission of parasitic diseases can not be excluded.
• Precautions during pregnancy and lactation:
Can be used in breeding dogs, pregnant and lactating. The drug safety was demonstrated in these cases.
• Interactions:
The fluralaner is highly bound to plasma proteins. This may compete with other molecules strongly bound to plasma proteins such as NSAIDs and coumarin (warfarin). Incubation of fluralaner with carprofen or warfarin in the dog plasma at the maximum expected concentrations in plasma did not reduce the binding of fluralaner, carprofen or warfarin with plasma proteins.
In clinical trials field, no interactions have been observed with veterinary drugs used routinely.
• Overdose:
No side effects were observed in dogs of 8-9 weeks and weighing 2 to 3.6 kg after oral administration of 5 times the maximum recommended dose (56 mg, 168 mg and 280 mg / kg fluralaner) 3 times, at intervals shorter than the recommended interval (8 weeks).
There is no impact on reproductive performance or the viability of the offspring after oral administration of fluralaner Beagle dogs, to overdoses of up to 3 times the maximum recommended dose (up to 168 mg / kg).
The drug was well tolerated in Collies with disabilities in MDR1 - / - Following a single oral administration at 3 times the recommended dose (168 mg / kg). No treatment-related clinical signs were observed.
• precautions for user:
Store in the original packaging until use, in order to prevent children from having direct access to the product.
Do not eat, do not drink or smoke while using the product. Wash hands immediately with soap and water after use.


Box of 1 tablet or 2 tablets

• BRAVECTO® 112.5 mg Very Small dogs (2-4.5 kg):
Box of 1 blister of 1 tablet
European authorization EU / 2/13/158/001 of 26/03/14
GTIN 08713184131119

Fini pipettes running down the hair or the pshit who feels strong. Care and Nature offers to treat parasites from the tablet administration.

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