MyTest Mylan Test Urinary Infection Cystitis 3 Kits

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MyTest Mylan test Urinary Infection Cystitis 3 kits helps to detect a urinary tract infection. This simple and rapid self-test indicates the presence of leukocytes, proteins, nitrites and blood in the urine.

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    MyTest urinary tract infection can detect a urinary tract infection. This simple and fast self-test indicates the presence of leukocytes, proteins, nitrites and blood in the urine

    Description of MyTest Mylan test Urinary Infection Cystitis 3 kits

    Result in 2 minutes Medical device 3 kits Quick and easy self-test Test for the presence of leukocytes, proteins, nitrites and blood in the urine Detection of a urinary tract infection. This test should not be used during menstruation or within 3 days of this period.

    using advice

    Follow the instructions in the package leaflet.
    Refer to the color legend provided for the presence of leukocytes, blood, nitrites and / or proteins.
    In case of positive test, consult a doctor.


    Composition 3 hermetically sealed aluminum foil bags containing: 1 Urinary Tract Infections Test strip and 1 desiccant sachet, 3 plastic cups for the urine sample, 1 color legend, 1 instructions for use

    Precaution of use

    Keep out of reach of children. Test for single use. In case of doubt or if the test is positive, consult a doctor.


    Box of 3 kits Mytest Mylan Urinary Infection

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    Mylan Autotest

    Mylan provides patients with a range of self-testing tests covering 12 common pathologies. According to the case, the patient will be required to carry out the test with a drop of blood, urine or stool, according to the pathology sought. Each self-test is conditioned to allow the test to be carried out more than once (in case of doubt or error of use).

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