Hydralin vaginal self-diagnostic Test

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Hydralin vaginal self-diagnostic Test

Aid to diagnosis of vaginal infections (yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis)

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    Hydralin vaginal self-diagnostic Test

    Aid to diagnosis of vaginal infections (yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis)

    Description Hydralin vaginal self-diagnostic Test

    Simple to use, Hydralin Test is a device helping to diagnose common vaginal infections.

    Council Hydralin use of vaginal self-diagnostic Test

    Identifying the type of infection (bacteria, fungus, parasite) is carried out in seconds, thanks to a color change system of the test piece. Reliable over 90% Hydralin Test allows you to direct you to appropriate treatment.

    Test remains yellow (pH <4.5): risk of thrush when thick white vaginal discharge (look "white cheese") without vaginal odor accompanied by itching, irritation, severe burns, without urinary difficulties.

    Test turns blue / green (pH> 4.5): risk of bacterial vaginosis if liquid vaginal discharge, milky white or gray (abundant), vaginal odor malodorous (fishy odor) parfoirs itching, irritation, burning, without urinary difficulties .

    Test turns blue / green (pH> 4.5): risk of trichomoniasis in case of vaginal discharge frothy green yellow, smelly vaginal odor, vulvar itching (usually severe), with discomfort when urinating.

    Precaution of use

    Hydralin Test can be used in pregnant women under certain conditions (see package insert).
    Keep in a dry place at room temperature.

    Introducing Hydralin vaginal self-diagnostic Test

    1 Hydralin Test in individual packaging

    Our Pharmacy expert advice

    In the case of Candidiasis, the toilet is to be performed with a soap at neutral or alkaline pH.
    In gynecology, the treatment will be accompanied by health advice (wearing cotton underwear, avoid douching ...) and to the extent possible, the removal of predisposing factors.

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