ANTI MOSQUITO BRACELET BLACK parakito: Natural Assets and maximum for this mosquito wristband suitable for the whole family protections. 30 days of efficiency thanks to two refills. It can go in seawater or pool unlike bracelets Manouka.

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    Parakito BRACELET repellent mosquito BLACK

    Advanced techniques for protection against insects:
    - A unique natural repellent formula, combining essential oils with food molecules and a perfume composition.
    - A new method of distribution (exclusive patented impregnation process at the heart of a support polymer natural formula that allows natural repellent molecules to diffuse continuously and consistently for 15 days).

    The bracelet and platelets can be discarded as ordinary waste without harming the environment.

    Bracelet Description parakito black anti mosquito

    The Anti-Mosquito Bracelet parakito contains:

    • Platelet-based Essential Oils
      • It is a mixture of essential oils with repellent effects on mosquitoes.
    • A Long Term Diffusion
      • It is possible thanks to a special impregnation technology to slow diffusion of the oils.
    • A Pretty Pink Bracelet Color Black
      • Very feminine, it is very nice to wear on the wrist or ankle.

    Using advice and opinions on Mosquito parakito black wristband

    Open the protective bag and insert the plate under the protective net of the bracelet Para'Kito ™ (face containing the outward-facing plate).
    The Para'Kito ™ bracelet is worn on the wrist or ankle. It can be on any other fixed support (bedside table, bed size, ...) or mobile (backpack, belt, baby carrier, ...) thanks to its adjustable fastener.
    If necessary, between operations, the bracelet and the plate can be placed in the packaging provided. The bracelet and the plate are waterproof; the efficiency of the wafer is not affected by the passage in the water.

    • Once the wafer introduced in the bracelet mosquitoes are repelled by the diffusion of essential oils 100% natural
    • Family Friendly (no DEET)
    • Rechargeable and waterproof (so can be used at the beach or pool)
    • Efficiency: 15 days protection plate
    • Size: adjustable for children and adults. Length 25cm (9.8 ")
    • Strap: Lightweight. Can be worn on the wrist, ankle, a backpack and a stroller bag
    • Patented: Worldwide
    • Made in France

    Learn about the different biting insects of the family of mosquitoes

    The Culex mosquito

    Culex mosquitoes are the mosquitoes prevalent in France. There are many species Culex pipiens mosquito or common that we all know.

    Most Culex subspecies prefer to bite birds to humans or other mammals. They are often considered less dangerous than Anopheles and Aedes mosquitoes. However, they can spread serious diseases such as West Nile fever or Japanese encephalitis.

    Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus)

    There are about 260 species of Aedes mosquitoes on the planet. The Aedes mosquito takes its name from ancient Greek, meaning "unpleasant", and which is justified by the very strong nuisance entailed this kind of aggressive mosquito and painful sting.

    Anopheles mosquitoes

    Of the 3500 species of mosquitoes existing, there are about 430 species of Anopheles. Dreaded, the mosquito Anopheles mosquito is capable of transmitting malaria.


    Sand flies are very small insects that look like little gnats. They can transmit serious diseases.

    Bracelet black composition parakito anti mosquito

    biocidal product type 19 (22.8% essential oil of lavender).

    Use caution with black parakito anti mosquito wristband

    This product is ideal for pregnant women and young children. It is also recommended for people prone to skin allergies and irritation. The size of the bracelet is adjustable and is suitable for both adults and children.

    Parakito black anti mosquito bracelet presentation

    1 anti moustqiue bracelet with 2 refills

    The bracelet comes with 2 pads, It is waterproof, adjustable length to permit the use for the whole family.

    Our expert advice in pharmacy

    Para'Kito is a natural range of mosquito bracelets, without DEET or IR3535.

    Para'Kito suitable for pregnant women and young children, and in case of allergies and skin irritations.

    FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Para'Kito ™ suitable for pregnant women, young children and is recommended for people prone to skin allergies or irritations: Para'Kito ™ contains no chemicals and the wafer is not in contact with the skin.

    DAY NIGHT AS Para'Kito ™ With your device, take a deep sleep without being disturbed by the effects of mosquito bites.

    Keep your wrist next to you at night.

    Enjoy your activities throughout the day without worrying about the effects of mosquito bites.

    Your Para'Kito ™ device is lightweight, water-resistant.

    Para'Kito ™ natural and sustainably prevents the effects of mosquito bites.

    Parakito cheap in your bio pharmacy online

    parakito cheap

    The world is a wonderful place with many extraordinary adventures. At Para'Kito ™, we want everyone to live in harmony with the world, travel, explore and know its joys while being naturally protected against mosquitoes. Para'Kito ™ means protection. Effective protection, practical and vegetable

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