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Guide Gemmothérapie buds for your health: Description of the main buds used gemmotherapy, overview of other macerated, presentation of complex and abstract gemmotherapy therapeutic applications.

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Description of the main buds used gemmotherapy, overview of other macerated, presentation of complex and abstract gemmotherapy therapeutic applications.


Gemmotherapy uses buds and young shoots of trees and shrubs prepared fresh by direct soaking in a water alcohol glycerin.


The extract is a real gemmothérapique information concentrate; it contains all the genius of the tree from which the bud. Thus, glycerol macerate linden (Tilia tomentosa) has sedative properties related to flowers but also purifying and diuretic properties of the sapwood. It is the same for the bud hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha) which has the properties of fruit (action on the heart muscle) and flower (action on the heart rate).


Gemmotherapy uses totum plant in embryonic form. It is a true "global cellular energetic herbal medicine."


This book contains:
Main properties of buds gemmothérapi: Main bilberries, hawthorn, birch, black currant, fig, juniper, rosemary, lime. The most common Almond, alder, cedar, hornbeam, chestnut, oak, citrus, dogwood, field maple, raspberry, ash, ginkgo, mistletoe, corn, chestnut, blueberry, hazelnut, olive, elm, poplar, mountain pine, sycamore, apple, horsetail, blackberry, wild rose, silver fir, redwood, rye, mountain ash, tamarisk, vines, vine, viburnum.
Gemmotherapy complex: The complex and allergy protection, anti-cellulite complex, the joint complex, the complex movement, the complex venous circulation, cholesterol complex, the purifying complex, integrated complex of ginkgo biloba, the immune complex, the complex memory , osteoporosis the complex, the complex prostate, sleep complex, the complex antistress, tonic complex, the complex airways complex view.
Complex enriched buds birch sap, syrup.
Index 1: List of indications by the problem, recommendations for use.
Index 2: A list of therapeutic properties bud.

European Federation of Herbalism Guide gemmotherapy Editions Amyris, Brussels, 56 pages  
New revised and expanded edition, 56 pages black and white, color cover, paperback format 14.5 x 21 cm

Phytosun Arôms developing for over 20 years with quality EOBBD Essential Oils (Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined) for Vegetable Oils and Hydrosols Aromatic. This guarantee of quality and safety, recognized by pharmacists and doctors in positions Phytosun Arôms industry leader.

To meet changing consumer expectations, Phytosun Arôms launched in 1990 the first finished product market: Aesculapius, then continued to develop its range of finished products avecPhoebus, Demeter, a range of Physio + Care Oils, Complexes for a range of diffusers, a range of Aromatic Bath and a range of Aroma Bulbs.

gemmothérapie biogemm Gemmothérapie Herbalgem

Ars pharmacy specialized in Gemmotherapy

Care and Nature, Your organic pharmacy specializing in alternative medicines online offers you its new range in Gemmotherapy. The extracts of buds and young shoots occur mainly in 2 types of gemmotherapy products:

• Single concentrated glycerine macerates (or macerates) that contain all the properties of a single bud;

• Complexes, harmonious associations of different mother macerates, which respond to a targeted health problem.

What is gemotherapy? The gemotherapy is effective for the well-being of all without limitation of age. Gemmotherapy is an area of herbal medicine that uses buds and young shoots of trees and shrubs to create natural remedies. Harvested in spring, at a key point in their natural development cycle, buds and young shoots are prepared fresh in a mixture of water, alcohol and glycerine. Composed of embryonic tissues in full development, the buds and young shoots of medicinal plants used in gemmotherapy, contain all the power of the future plant. They constitute a true concentrate of energy and vitality and contain vitamins, trace elements and minerals as well as other active ingredients absent in the adult plant. Buds and young shoots are more rich in nucleic acids and growth hormones than other tissues. This explains the efficiency and the wide range of applications of the parent macerates or concentrated glycerin macerates.

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