Strong Migraine Midogem Herbalgem 10ml



Midogem Forte GC25 for sale in our bio pharmacy: Midogem Forte GC25 10 ml Herbalgem Migraine provides help to reduce feelings of tension in the head

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    Description Midogem Strong Migraine Herbalgem 10ml


    Herbalgem Midogem Strong Migraine Brain Circulation Complex 10ml soothes and acts on different mechanisms of migraine. Migraine Midogem Forte GC25 10 ml Herbalgem provides help to reduce feelings of tension in the head

    Using advice from Midogem Forte GC25 10 ml Herbalgem Migraine

    Adult: 1 buccal spray 3 times daily. In the event of a major crisis, up to 4 sprays a day.

    Strong composition Midogem 10 ml Herbalgem Migraine

    Vegetable Glycerin, Alcohol * (35% vol.), Water; extracts of black alder buds * (Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gartn.), young shoots of wild rose * (Rosa canina L.) and blackcurrant buds * (Ribes nigrum L.); essential oil of laurel * (Laurus nobilis L.). * Produced from organic farming.

    Introducing Midogem Forte GC25 10 ml Herbalgem Migraine

    Bottle amber glass spray (10 ml)

    Gemmotherapy Herbalgem laboratory offers a wide range of natural and effective products, herbal, designed to ensure the welfare of all ages.
    The concentrated range of gemmotherapy Herbalgem present more than 60 buds extracts including:

    • The unit concentrates macerated glycerine (or macerates mother) Herbalgem that contain all the properties of a single bud;
    Herbalgem complexes, harmonious associations of various mother macerates that meet targeted health problem.

    gemmotherapy Herbalgem products are prepared with fresh buds ONLY, from organic agriculture, stabilized directly on the harvesting site. They are concentrated (undiluted as gemmotherapy products laboratory Boiron) to preserve all the properties of the bud.

    Gemmotherapy Herbalgem laboratory also produces a range of herbal medicine: syrups, salves and tinctures parent.

    What gemmotherapy?

    Gemmotherapy is effective for the welfare of all regardless of age. Gemmotherapy is a field of phytotherapy that uses buds and young shoots of trees and shrubs to create natural remedies.

    Harvested in the spring, a key moment in their natural development cycle, buds and young shoots are prepared fresh in a mixture of water, alcohol and glycerin.

    Composed of embryonic tissues in full development, buds and young shoots of medicinal plants used in gemmotherapy, contain the power of the future plant.

    They are a concentrate of energy and vitality and contain vitamins, trace elements and minerals as well as other active ingredients, ABSCENTS in the adult plant.

    Buds and young shoots are richer in nucleic acids and growth hormones than other fabrics. This explains the effectiveness and the wide range of applications concentrated macerates mother or macerated glycerine.

    Buy your natural food supplements in your bio pharmacy

    Care and Nature, Your bio pharmacy specializing in alternative medicines online offers you its new range of food supplements : fight effectively against your physiological or nutritional deficiencies, using our 100% natural remedies of nutritherapy and micro-nutrition . Our pharmacy doctors have selected probiotics , vitamins , minerals, trace elements or plants of very high pharmaceutical quality.

    These natural dietary supplements are intended to correct your essential imbalances in nutrients. The products we offer in our online bio pharmacy come from pharmaceutical companies recognized in the pharmacy and pharmacy.

    The benefits of organic food supplements for your health

    A dietary supplement is not intended to replace a current diet but to supplement and provide vitamins, minerals and other necessary active ingredients. Our body to function will use what we ingest as fuel for both organs such as muscles and the heart but also for our brain.

    Natural food supplements in the form of capsules, tablets, ampoules and capsules ... They contain vitamins, nutrients, plants. They are intended for people who may have transient nutritional deficiencies (special diet, pregnancy, winter fatigue). They have few contraindications, except allergies to certain plants and possible interactions between the plants present in the supplements and the background treatments.

    For example, for people wishing to improve their digestion our naturopaths graduates offers a selection of dietary supplements specific to digestive comfort for proper operation of your transit.

    How to choose your dietary supplements

    Choosing a suitable dietary supplement is first and foremost about determining the real needs of your organization. Indeed, the nutritional needs are different from one individual to another. They depend on many factors, such as age, sex, health status or lifestyle. An athlete will not have the same needs as a sedentary, just as a pregnant woman will not have the same needs as a woman who breastfeeds or enters the menopausal phase.

    As the choice of a dietary supplement has a direct impact on our health, it is absolutely necessary to see the interactions with drugs and current treatments and to check the compatibility of the dietary supplement with the current state of health. Specialists often recommend a health check, in order to partly personalize dietary supplements to have a more targeted effect on deficiencies and secondly, to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

    In order to find a restful sleep, we invite you to discover our selection of food supplements to get back to sleep , with plants and assets that will be beneficial and favorable to a peaceful sleep and peaceful nights.

    Also find all our tips on our blog on how to choose your health food supplements . Discover the benefits of activated charcoal to treat your digestive disorders. The reasons why it is important to choose an organic food supplement . Or how to choose your nutritional supplements to slim down this summer.

    Take advantage of our certified naturopaths and our advice to choose the best treatment adapted to your troubles and your personal situation. For more information, do not hesitate to ask us for advice on our secure form .

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