Baudoux Practical Guide to Aromatherapy: The Diffusion

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Practical Guide to Aromatherapy "Broadcasting" essential oils Dominique Baudoux

With this book on aromatherapy diffusion, learn to use essential oils in the spreading and the breathable suit your needs.

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    PRANAROM Box Zen Aromatherapy diffusion

    A personal use or as gifts, this box will allow you to start in aromatherapy and discover the power of essential oils.

    Use the distribution to guide know the secrets of mixing and diffusion of essential oils.

    A book Practical Guide to Aromatherapy: The Diffusion. Written by a pharmacist aromatologist author of numerous books globally appreciated this book you will learn how to use essential oils in the breathable and disseminating them to suit your needs.

    Description Practical Guide to Aromatherapy "Broadcasting"

    A book Practical Guide to Aromatherapy "Broadcasting": My 32 Favorite essenetielles oils in 62 formulas to distribute or breathing Dominique Baudoux.

    In this book dedicated to spreading Dominique Baudoux accompanies us in finding the best essential oils diffuse and breathing. Alone or in subtle synergies, aromatic essences are valuable allies to act on the nervous sphere and stress, but also a long list of ailments everyday.
    This is the magic power of smell that is offered to you with this book, combined with herbs that is most precious to offer.
    Child, young parent, adult or senior, we all have much to gain from accurate and pleasure essential oils into our living spaces.
    ISBN 978296135015


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