Lactibiane probiotique Lactibiane probiotique

PILEJE LACTIBIANE ALR 60 capsules is a food supplement which fights against the harmful effects of allergies. It contains Lactobacillus salivarius LA 302 (4 billion), onion extract (including 50 mg quercetin) and rosemary extract (including 50 mg rosmarinic acid). Rosemary contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

The Pileje laboratory has stopped marketing this food supplement. We offer alternatives to Lactibiane ALR:
Lactibiane Tolerance to provide microbiotic strains + Phytostandard® Blackcurrant Plantain to provide plants.

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Lactibiane ALR is formulated to promote proper functioning of the immune system. It effectively fights against bothersome allergy symptoms.

ALR properties LACTIBIANE Pileje

This new dietary supplement containing Lactobacillus salivarius LA 302 (4000000000), the onion extract (50 mg quercetin) and rosemary extract (50 mg of rosmarinic acid). Rosemary contributes to normal functioning of the immune system in allergic.


Lactibiane ALR, contributing to the proper functioning of the immune system, can significantly reduce itchy eyes and nose as well as watery eyes associated with allergic disorders.

Use LACTIBIANE ALR Pileje advice

2 capsules daily (1 capsule white and yellow capsule). capsules should be swallowed with a glass of water, preferably before a meal.

Length of treatment of lactibiane ALR: 1 month.

Recommended to fight against allergies.

Carefully use LACTIBIANE ALR Pileje

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children. This dietary supplement can not replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Composition LACTIBIANE ALR Pileje

  • Lactobacillus salivarius: 4000000000
  • Quercetin (onion extract): 50 mg
  • Rosmarinic acid (rosemary extract): 50 mg

By white capsule: lactic 4000000000 UFC

Yellow capsule: Rosemary Extract 125 mg (50 mg which rosmarinic acid)

Onion extract 167 mg (including quercetin 50 mg)

Studies on the ingredients of the formula LACTIBIANE ALR Pileje

Promotes the development of Treg cells

  • In vitro study (Folligné et al., 2011) = LS strain is able to strongly stimulate the production of cytokines IL-10 anti-inflammatory

Rosmarinic acid

A) Clinical studies in patients with allergic rhinitis said.

1 Osakabe et al, 2004: rosmarinic acid 50 mg versus placebo.. for 21 days.

  • Significant reduction of itching eyes and nose as well as watery eyes was observed in the group rosmarinic acid 50mg.

Takano 2, 2004.. 3 groups of patients with allergic rhinitis: Perilla extract containing different amounts of rosmarinic acid (50 mg and 200 mg) versus placebo for 21 days

  • Improvement of symptoms generally.

B) In vivo study on exposure to diesel particulate

3 Sanboni et al, 2003:.. Oral administration of rosmarinic acid.

  • Inhibition of pulmonary lesions and inflammation induced by diesel exhaust particles.


A) molecule the most documented in vitro:

1 Chirumbolo et al, 2010..; Lee et al, 2010.; Min et al, 2007.; Otsuka et al, 1995.; ....

  • Decrease the release of histamine and pro-inflammatory cytokines from mast cells and basophils.

B) When tested with positive results in models of asthma allergic to ovalbumin

2 Jung et al, 2007:.. Among guinea pigs, oral daily dose of 7.5 mg / kg

  • Decrease in airway resistance, the histamine production and leukocyte recruitment.

3 Rogerio et al, 2007:.. Mice, oral daily dose 10 mg / kg

  • Decrease in the number of eosinophils in the bronchoalveolar fluid, blood and lung parenchyma.

C) tested with positive results in models of asthma allergic to ovalbumin

4 Park et al, 2009:.. Mice, at a daily dose of 8-16 mg / kg after intraperitoneal administration.

  • Decrease in the number of eosinophils, basophils, mast cells in bronchoalveolar fluid
  • Decreased secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-4 and IL-5.
  • Improvement in lung response to methylcholine

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