XLS Medical Extra Strength Tablets Box 120 for sale in our pharmacy bio, is an effective way to avoid gaining weight, it reduces the absorption of calories from sugars and fats from the diet.

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    Want to lose weight permanently?

    Description of XLS Medical Extra Strength Tablets Box 120

    XLS Medical Extra Strength Tablets Box 120 is a slimming food supplement rich in extra strong Clavitanol. This patented natural active reduces the conversion of calories into nutrients. The Clavitanol complex content in the food extra strong addition limits the amount of glucose in the blood. More effective than a diet, it facilitates weight loss by significantly reducing calorie intake. The extra strength dietary supplement brand XL-S Medical does not contain flavors or preservatives elements. It must be combined with regular exercise.

    Why take XL-S Medical EXTRA STRONG?

    The main cause of overweight is excessive consumption of calories compared to the necessary contribution which your body needs. Every day, we consume carbohydrates, simple sugars and fats that, when ingested in large quantities, lead to weight gain.

    If you want to lose weight quickly and effectively, XL-S Medical EXTRA STRONG is for you!

    XL-S Medical EXTRA STRENGTH contains ClavitanolTM, a herbal patented complex which partially inhibits the action of key digestive enzymes: alpha-amylase, alpha-glucosidase and lipase.

    It reduces the absorption of calories from the main nutrients:

    • carbohydrates
    • sugars
    • fats

    Directions for use of XLS Medical Extra Strength Tablets Box 120

    Take 4 tablets with a glass of water spread throughout the day: 2 before lunch and 2 before dinner.

    XLS Medical composition Extra Strength Tablets Box 120

    Clavitanol, microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), tricalcium phosphate, magnesium stearate.

    Precaution of use

    - Aimed at people aged 18 years and older.
    - Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
    - Not suitable for people with a BMI below 18.5.

    XLS Medical Presentation Box 120 Extra Strength Tablets

    1 box of 120 tablets.

    Pillbox offered in each box XL-S Medical EXTRA STRONG

    Enjoy this beautiful offer to pay to benefit from cheaper XLS Extra Fort - while supplies last!

    * Offer valid deferred repayment of 26/11/2015 to 31/12/2016. To receive reimbursement of Omega laboratories surround the purchase amount and date of the original purchase invoice (to print in your account) No cut the bar code of the product, write in capitals your details on plain paper , join the promotional sleeve with the offer of € 10 paid and attach a RIB / IBAN / BIC, all under sufficient postage to send to offer Medical XLS Extra Strength € 10 - x129, Sogec Management, 91973 Cedex COURTABOEUF. Receipt of payment of € 10 per transfer within approximately 6 weeks from the receipt of the request. Reserved for metropolitan France, including Corsica and limited to only one refund per household.


    XL-S MEDICAL EXTRA STRONG is compatible with drugs?

    It was established that XL-S MEDICAL EXTRA STRONG can have an effect on glucose levels, which is why we do not recommend it for people with diabetes. This medical device is not to be taken in case of known allergies to grape, maize or derivatives thereof.
    XL-S MEDICAL EXTRA STRONG is not recommended for adolescents, pregnant women, nursing mothers or people with a BMI below 18.5.
    To reduce any possible interaction with medication, it is recommended to observe an interval of 2 hours between taking a usual medication and XL-S MEDICAL EXTRA STRONG.
    In all cases, when a patient is on medication, it is necessary to have the advice of his doctor before using XL-S MEDICAL EXTRA STRONG.


    XLS MEDICAL, an effective solution to lose weight permanently in combination with a balanced diet and regular physical activity. No side effects, these natural supplements helps you quickly achieve your weight loss goals!

    xls medical pas cher

    XLS Medical Cheap pharmacy in your bio online

    Xls Medical is an effective supplement for weight maintenance in addition to a balanced diet and regular physical activity.
    XLS Medical allows to lose even more weight than simply to eat better and move more.
    XLS Medical Fats sensor is a certified medical adjuvant for weight control, manufactured based on a unique and standardized complex fibers (Litramine), notably composed of dehydrated cactus leaves.

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