CONTOUR PLUS Set for glucose meter


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    CONTOUR PLUS Set for glucose meter

    Self-monitoring of blood glucose by quantitative measurement of glucose in the total capillary blood .

    The contour glycemic self-monitoring system ( glycemic meter, test strips and control solution) is intended for the diabetic self-monitoring of diabetic patients , and the monitoring of blood glucose by health professionals, on venous or capillary whole blood. (taken at the end of the finger or in the palm), on arterial blood or on blood of newborns.

    Description of CONTOUR PLUS Set for glucose meter

    It provides a quantitative measure of glucose in whole blood, for values between 10 mg / dL and 600 mg / dL.
    It has been designed for in vitro diagnostic purposes only.
    The CONTOUR PLUS blood glucose monitoring system can be used to monitor the effectiveness of a person's blood glucose control program.
    The CONTOUR PLUS blood glucose monitoring system is not intended for diagnosis or screening of diabetes mellitus.Automatic:

    The CONTOUR®PLUS blood glucose meter is equipped with No Coding technology, which performs an automatic coding each time a test strip is inserted.
    It also performs an automatic marking of a test solution made of control solution.

    The CONTOUR PLUS blood glucose meter alerts you when a test strip does not contain enough blood and gives you the option of adding more blood.
    Your test strip is designed to easily "suck up" blood from the end to receive the blood sample.
    Do not place blood directly on the flat surface of the test strip.

    Advice for use and dosage

    Introduction of the test strip:

    1- Take a ContourPlus test strip in the vial. Close the vial immediately after taking the test strip.

    2- Hold the test strip with the gray end facing upwards towards the reader.

    3- Slowly insert the gray end of the test strip into the insertion port until the reader beeps.

    This manipulation will activate the reader. The image of a test strip with a drop of glitching blood will appear, indicating that the meter is ready for testing.

    Get the drop of blood - Test on the fingertip

    1-Press the lancing device firmly against the sampling site and press the control button.
    2- Massage your hand and your finger in the direction of the sampling site to obtain a drop of blood. Do not press around the sampling site.
    3-Take the sample immediately after forming a drop of blood of sufficient size.

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    Use only with Contour Plus test strips.
    Large screen with digital LCD display.
    On / off button.
    Automatic start and automatic stop.
    Preset date and time.
    Test sample: Venous whole blood, arterial or capillary.
    Test results: With reference to plasma / serum glucose.
    Volume of the sample: 0.6 μL.
    Range of measurements: 10 - 600 mg / dL.
    Results: Countdown to 5 seconds.
    Memory function: Stores the last 480 test results with average of the last 7, 14 and 30 days.
    Battery type: Two 3-volt lithium batteries, 225 mAh capacity (DL2032 or CR2032).
    Battery life: About 1000 tests (1 year of use on average).
    Reader operating temperature range: 5 to 45 ° C.
    Operating temperature range of the control solution: 15 to 35 ° C.
    Humidity: 10 to 93% RH.
    Dimensions: 77mm (H) x 57mm (W) x 19mm (W).
    Weight: 47.5 grams.
    Sound level of the sound signal: 40 to 80 dBA.
    Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC): The CONTOUR®PLUS blood glucose meter meets the electromagnetic requirements of ISO 15197: 2013.
    Color: black.
    Comes with 2 user manuals including 1 simplified, 1 tracking book, 1 protective cover and 1 warranty card.
    Packaging: carton box.
    In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device (IVDDM): blood glucose meter, test strip.
    Class I medical device: lancing device.
    Class IIa medical device: lancet.
    CE marking: CE 0088.

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