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Self-Test CANNABIS salivary verdict Medisur is a salivary test for the detection of cannabis use on sale in our pharmacy bio, give your opinion on advice for use, price and dosage with our partner Avis checked after your purchase.

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    Salivary self-test detection of cannabis use MEDISUR

    • Detection in saliva of cannabis derivatives. Public safety priority for road safety. Reliable at 94%.

    Description of Salivary Self-Test detection of cannabis use MEDISUR

    This self-test detects D9-THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and its derivatives in saliva after cannabis use (marijuana, hashish, ...). The result is obtained in 5 minutes.

    Cannabis use can lead to disorders of the central nervous system by altering sensory perception, coordination and memory, which affect the ability to drive a vehicle.

    Advice for use and dosage

    Cannabis salivary self-test can detect recent consumption (up to 6 to 8 hours after consumption)


    • 1 screening device, 1 dropper salivary extractor, 1 salivary collector, 1 instructions for use, 1 information leaflet.


    Salivary self-test detection of cannabis use Medisur comes in the form of a box containing an aluminum bag containing a dropper salivary extractor, a salivary collector and instructions for use.

    Our advice and expert advice in pharmacy

    In France, if the slightest trace of THC is found in the body of a driver during a check by the police, it is punishable by 4500 € fine, two years of imprisonment and a 6-point withdrawal on the driver's license.

    If you or a loved one is under the influence of an addiction, you can contact drug info services for support.

    Buy your Autotest Medisur in our online pharmacy

    Medisur is a laboratory that offers salivary or urinary self-tests at home. Allergy, micronutrient deficiency, dysfunction of an organ, early detection of cancer ... so many information needs that you can follow soon from home thanks to the MEDISUR self-tests.

    The steps to detect a pathology in a patient take time and are binding. A round trip between the doctor and the laboratory analysis, the waiting time for obtaining the analytical results, or the type of blood or urine exam to achieve may discourage the patient.
    2/3 of French people have already given up their care, because of lack of time, because of the delays in getting an appointment with a specialist doctor,
    because of geographical distance, or the cost of consultation with a prescriber. Some do not take the time to consult for screening and prefer to postpone the time of the consultation of a doctor.

    Urine or salivary self tests are not used to replace a medical diagnosis , but to sound an alarm bell and point to the most appropriate care.
    Of course, our role as a pharmacist is to advise you on the performance of the test but also on the follow-up and the action to take according to the result of the test and the persistence of the symptoms , in order to possibly direct you towards additional examinations .

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