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K-Pileje Salt contains potassium salt in organic form (potassium citrate) to limit the sodium imbalance / potassium and effectively neutralize a diet acidifying effect of fruits and vegetables.

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    Our eating habits have changed a lot these past 200 years, with the emergence of refined often too rich in sodium chloride food and reducing the consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in organic potassium.
    However, our genetic heritage remained adapted to a low intake of sodium and rich in potassium, hence the emergence of certain physiological disorders related to these inadequate intakes.

    K-Salt Pileje replaces the traditional table salt.
    It is also formulated to fill gaps in potassium (adding organic potassium citrate, potassium) and neutralize the acidifying effect of our daily diet.

    Properties of K-Salt Pileje

    Health: source of potassium and alkalizing power (organic acids citrate and bicarbonate), it contributes to the reduction of Na / K ratio and the neutralization of the acid load.
    For the kitchen: its pleasant taste (plain or flavored with herbs) and salt to make a companion of choice for seasoning all platsContribue to preserve memory and other cognitive functions in 50 + years.

    Results with K-salt Pileje

    K-Salt Pileje is recommended for people who want to rebalance their Na K * report /, replacing traditional table salt.
    * Sodium / potassium

    Use of K-Salt Pileje advice

    To reduce your sodium intake and season your dishes.

    Precaution for use of K-Salt Pileje

    Storage: in a cool and dry place

    Composition of K-Salt Pileje

    Potassium citrate (60%), sodium bicarbonate, potassium chloride, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide.

    100g RDA *
    Energy value 0kJ
    Protein 0 g
    Carbohydrates 0 g
    Fat 0 g
    0 g fiber
    Potassium 30.8 g 31%
    7.8 g sodium
    * RDA Recommended Daily Intake

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