is a rich dietary supplement additional Silybin for the support of liver function horse

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    Description and EQUISTRO of Legaphyton

    Support of liver function in horses

    The use of EQUISTRO Legaphyton is recommended for the support of liver function in horses with chronic liver failure.
    EQUISTRO Legaphyton may in particular be used in situations where the liver is particularly busy (in ponies to overweight and prone to hyperlipidemia in horses whose food intake imbalance disrupts digestion, among older horses .. .).

    Properties EQUISTRO Legaphyton

    EQUISTRO Legaphyton contains sylibine, from milk thistle fruit. It also provides high nutritional value proteins and carbohydrates easily assimilated, especially useful in animals whose digestion is disturbed.
    Moreover, EQUISTRO Legaphyton has a very low protein content.

    Directions for use and instructions on EQUISTRO Legaphyton HORSE

    Stir EQUISTRO Legaphyton in the ration. Administer with a diet containing high quality protein, but in small quantities. The daily ration should be divided into several small meals.

    Recommended daily intakes
    - Horses (500 kg): 1 measure of 30 g.
    - Foals and ponies: 1/2 measure (15 g).

    Administered 1 time per day, preferably for a period of 6 months. Before use or before extending the period of use, it is recommended to seek the advice of a veterinarian.

    Composition Legaphyton HORSE

    Raw materials:
    Barley flour
    Carob pods ..... 25%
    Dehydrated alfalfa 15% .....
    Potato starch pregelatinized
    Sylibine / phospholipids ..... 3% (content sylibine 1.1% and phosphatidylcholine)
    Source of protein and fiber: cellulose powder, silybin / phospholipids.

    Analytical constituents:
    Starch ..... 25.4%
    Crude fiber ..... 12%
    Crude protein 9.4% .....
    ..... 8% moisture
    Crude ash ..... 4%
    Crude fat ..... 2.7%
    Sodium ..... 0.2%
    Choline ..... 0.2%
    DL Methionine 0.15% .....

    Caution used with EQUISTRO Legaphyton

    Close tightly after use.
    Store in a cool, clean and protected from light.
    Product reserved for animal feed.
    Keep out of reach of children.

    Introducing EQUISTRO Legaphyton HORSE

    Pot 900 g
    GTIN: 03605877532486

    Our expert advice in pharmacy

    Before being placed on the market, lots of EQUISTRO Legaphyton are tested Laboratory of the Horse Races (CHL), so as to ensure that the product is free of natural contaminants that can make positive themselves anti controls doping.

    legaphyton ekyrenal

    SUPPORT LIVER FUNCTION: during exercise or during a pathology, horse body produces oxidants and harmful waste (free radicals, lactic acid) that mobilize the liver and kidneys. More effort reduces energy reserves of the body. Payback periods require specific nutritional support their need for energy recovery from the mass production of organic waste after exercise.

    SUPPORT THE GASTRIC FUNCTION: in horses, gastric mucosa is often affected by the highly acidic environment of the stomach particularly with exertion or stress. This acidity can affect the living comfort of the horses, the assimilation of their ration and of course performance. These critical periods require specific nutritional support.

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