Blood alcohol test Breathalyzer Contralco 1 Balloon

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Blood alcohol test Breathalyzer Contralco Balloon is an e thylotest reagent tube with a disposable balloon brand Contralco.

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    All chemicals breathalyzers NF have an expiry date (approximately 2 years after date of manufacture)

    Description Breathalyzer Test Blood alcohol Contralco 1 Balloon

    Blood alcohol test Breathalyzer Contralco Balloon is a ethylotest reagent tube with the balloon "BLOW YOU KNOW": always have this little ethylotest on you to see at a breath if you exceed the permissible limit of alcohol in his blood! To offer your guests before heading back for Christmas, New Year or any other event! NF

    using advice

    Get the ball out of the tube (see schematic on the ball) and then press the two ends of the tube to pierce the covers. Then blow hard and long to fully inflate the balloon once. Then insert the blue punch tube into the tip of the ball. Drain all air from the balloon in 12 seconds by pressing it: the air is discharged through the tube and color this one based on the degree of alcohol in green. If the green color reaches or exceeds the center ring, you are above the regulatory threshold of 0.25mg / L of air equivalent to 0.5g / L of blood. This is an indicative ethylotest test and gives you a good aproximation of your condition. The result of this test can not be invoked against those obtained during offcial controls.


    - A transparent plastic tube, inert to the reagent, consisting of two nested parts. It contains a silica gel impregnated with a dose sulfochromic solution changes from yellow to green in the presence of alcohol. A central feature is printed on the tube. It indicates the limit is not exceeded.
    - A sealed enclosure, consisting of a glass tube and a sealed lid ensures the conservation of the test for a minimum period of one year at a temperature below 40 ° C.
    - A ball that collects effortlessly exhaled air, which is then pushed through the test tube.
    individual packaging

    Precaution of use

    Keep out of reach of children, do not swallow
    The test contains corrosive chemicals. Do not put in contact with clothes. Do not point the test to a person during deflation.
    Do not smoke avnat inflate the balloon, the contrast of the reaction may be affected.
    Use between 10 ° C and 40 ° C. In case of contact with the reagent, flush with water.
    Disposable. After use, dispose of all in the trash.


    1 ethylotest as disposable reagent tube and ball.

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