Your loyalty rewarded


Our loyalty program and Nature Care

To thank you for your registration and your future purchases, we have implemented a program of loyalty points called "Your loyalty rewarded."

Our Reward Point Program is simple: when you shop on, you earn points for every dollar spent.
Once your points earned, you can use them to pay for future purchases.


How the Program Works

When you place an order, the total amount of the order (excluding postage) will be used to calculate loyalty points earned. These are added to your account to loyalty points as you shop.
All loyalty points are listed in your "Your loyalty rewarded" and will remain there until they are validated and confirmed by account.

Loyalty points will be added to your account with their euro value in their validation. You can use them for your purchases.

Your identification is required to view your Shopping Points Account.

All drugs sold boards in the "Drugs" are excluded from the loyalty program, in accordance with the provisions of the decree of June 20, 2013 .



Acquisition and point values

Currently, for every dollar spent on the site, you earn loyalty points.
Example: Total price of the items in your basket VAT (excluding shipping): 100.00 €
Number of points credited: 100 points
Point value credited: 3.00 €

We reserve the right to make rule changes at any time and without notice. This Regulation will always be that effective.


Use loyalty points

If you earned loyalty points you can use for shopping.

You can convert your points-Nature Care at any time. Then you optiendrez a discount code or voucher for an amount equal to your loyalty points accumulated.


Before confirming your order, on the summary page of your basket acha t, you can enter one or more code (s) Reduction in the box provided for this purpose.

You need to choose a method of payment in addition if the discount code does not cover the total cost of your order.
Once your order is confirmed, the discount codes or "fidelity" used will be automatically deleted from your account.
NB: For every purchase paid with points, you'll earn loyalty points only on the amount paid by any other means of regulation that the loyalty points.


Time usage limit points

Your reward points once converted into discount code, can be used within 1 year (12 months):


Minimum Points Required

Currently, no minimum balance is required to use points. You need to choose a method of payment in addition if the number of points does not cover the total cost of your order.


Minimum purchase required

Currently, no minimum amount is required to use points.


Maximum number of points used per purchase

Currently, we do not limit the maximum number of points used per purchase.


Loyalty points on discounted products

When calculating points earned, all products in promotions are excluded.


Terms of use

Loyalty points are valid only for customers and
They are non-refundable and can not be exchanged between clients and non-exchangeable or transferable cash under any circumstances.
Of course, they will not be awarded in the event of canceled order.
When you make purchases with points, you must choose a payment method in addition, if the number of points does not cover the total cost of your order.
When calculating the amount of points earned, the shipping fees are still excluded from the calculation.

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