What is the definition of a drug?

The drug is an active product ...

To be effective, that is to say treating or preventing a disease, a medicament containing one or more active ingredients.

From this fact, it can also have side effects known adverse effects. It is therefore not a harmless product.

under control

Its production until delivery in pharmacies, the drug is controlled by the health authorities. Quality (composition, terms of manufacturing, storage and distribution) is guaranteed for your safety.

usually prescribed by your doctor

Many drugs, subject to mandatory requirement, require a prescription. During the consultation, your doctor (or other prescriber authorized 1) prescribes the right medicine for your disease, taking into account the elements of your medical records and any ongoing treatment.

provided by your pharmacist

A drug requires a prescription or not, it is always from your pharmacy, guaranteeing its quality. And get professional advice of the drug, which will also check that there is no incompatibility with other medications you are taking.

The counterfeit drug. ... out of control

Not being subject to inspections by health authorities and health professionals, efficacy and quality can not be guaranteed.

is risky for your health

A counterfeit drug may have a different composition from that of the original drug: absence, overdosing or underdosing in active or toxic substances. Thus, the drug may be inactive so ineffective to heal. It also may be toxic and therefore dangerous to your health.

can circulate on the Internet

A large number of websites suggests buying medicines online. Internet messaging are daily inundated with advertising messages (spam) encouraging the consumption of drugs and direct you to illegal websites.
Keep in mind that, to date, selling drugs by mail (catalog and Internet) is permitted in France, but according to a very strict regulations.
Remember also that the drugs for sale on the Internet are many counterfeit products. Some are copies of drugs that have not been authorized in France by the health authorities because:

  • they have not demonstrated that the benefit they bring is greater than the risks they generate,
  • they do not meet the quality criteria that ensure their effectiveness and safety (no harmful character).

The sale of drugs online


We sent our application for marketing authorization of the drug online at ARS Languedoc Roussillon since early 2013, after several changes of paperwork, and sending additional documents, we are still waiting for our number authorization.
The reason given by the ARS LR is no authorization by the Minister for Health which can cover a delivery site hosting online sales of drugs.
What impliquerai fact invalid authorizations issued to all French pharmacies in 2013 by various ARS. However, our pharmacy met all the conditions required by the health authorities, in terms of safety and ethics related to the dispensing of medicines online.


Conditions of online sales of medicines by French pharmacies follow the recommandations of the decree of June 20, 2013 .

Since the 2012-1562 decree of December 31, 2012, online sales of certain drugs is officially authorized by the French law. However it is subject to several conditions, including:
-a online pharmacy must be attached to one and only one pharmacy "physical". This is the case of care-and-type, attached to the pharmacy to Mailloles Peprignan.
-Only drugs can be sold online. The list of these drugs is defined by the National Security Agency of Medicines and Health Products (MSNA), which retains only drug that can be safely used in the context of self-medication.

The online pharmacy Pharmacy Mailloles / care-and-nature.com guarantees the safety of drug delivery by automatically controlling your selection.

Indeed, when adding a drug to the basket, we automatically check that it works with the rest of the basket, baskets previous (previous orders), and the drugs that you take elsewhere (obtained on care-and-nature.com or not).
Beyond a certain amount, any drug can be toxic and harmful to health. It is impossible to add to cart a quantity greater than the amount specified in the Decree of 22 February 1990 exemption to the regulation of poisonous substances intended for human medicine.
Also, we also check the maximum amount of each product to avoid risk of poisoning, according to the questionnaire filled out during registration.
Finally, you need to update this information for each new order.

Beware of counterfeit drugs!

According to the World Health Organization, up to 50% of medicines sold online worldwide are counterfeit, despite coordinated action by international health agencies that regularly seize large quantities of fake drugs-measured under -dosés without active or toxic principle circulating in the world!
Many pharmacies offer online foreign in France questionable drugs.
The list of licensed pharmacies to sell drugs online on the site of the pharmacists.

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