REDPLEX more Audevard 1l stimulates blood synthesis of red blood cells, which promotes the preparation effort and oxygenation of muscles more cheval.Redplex promotes resistance by its antioxidant action. Animal Health Europe offers the full range of veterinary products for horses Audevard. REDPLEX also given in the form of the horse drops.

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    Power and muscle strength is determined by the proper delivery of oxygen by red blood cells. For this reason veterinarians perform regular blood tests on horses athletes. They can indicate increased nutritional needs, such as iron.

    REDPLEX + is a complementary food made by Laboratoires AUDEVARD. It was designed to provide nutritional support suitable for horses in training and competition, as well as horses with poor performance in horses.
    REDPLEX + provides nutrients particularly useful horse subjected to intensive efforts, such as vitamins and trace elements (fer. ..).

    Description Audevard REDPLEX +


    REDPLEX + is an innovative formula that stimulates the production of blood cells to give the horse the power and muscular endurance during exercise:


    • Support for horses in training and competition
    • Support for horses with a loss of form
    • Supplementation of horses treated for all causes of anemia (including piroplasmosis)


    • Synthesis of red blood cells and white blood cells: REDPLEX + contains all essential to the stimulation of the synthesis of red blood cells (iron, vitamin B12, Cobalt, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid) elements.

    With the end of the phycocyanin spirulina seaweed, REDPLEX + also acts on the stem cells of the bone marrow, the place of production of blood cells.

    • Muscle oxygenation: red blood cells are used to carry oxygen to the muscles.

    The increase of the oxygen will have an impact only if Carnitine is present in sufficient quantity within the muscle.
    Carnitine is an essential element to produce cellular energy from nutrients and oxygen supplied by red blood cells.
    The new formula contains REDPLEX + Carnitine quantity ensuring optimal utilization of oxygen by red blood cells provided. The effects of carnitine have been demonstrated by numerous studies: decreased lactate and increased running speed.

    • Anti-oxidants and immunity: in order to increase the strength of the horse in his environment and intensity of effort, REDPLEX + formula contains elements that will help enrich the blood of the horse to improve its ability antioxidant and immune.

    - Antioxidants: Vitamin A, C and E, Copper, Zinc and Manganese, Selenium SELPEX cables which benefits nutrigenomics multiply the antioxidant capacity of the horse.
    - Tone and immunity: Ginseng, Vitamin B1, B2 and B6, Echinacea and Spirulina act synergistically to stimulate the production of antibodies and increase the efficiency of cells transported in the blood immune system.

    NEW INGREDIENT: Angelica sinensis
    - Reference in Chinese medicine
    - Stimulation del'hématopoïèse
    - Beneficial action on red blood cells, hematocrit and hemoglobin.

    Usage tips REDPLEX Audevard 1L +


    Add 30 ml (maintenance) to 60 (training and competition) ml per day REDPLEX + to the diet.
    Pour on food or directly into the horse's mouth.
    Honeydew base makes a particularly tasty REDPLEX + supplement for horses.


    Composition REDPLEX Audevard More 1L


    Contributions by measure:


    333 mg


    0.7 mg


    117 mg


    40 mg


    40 mg


    2.1 mg


    188 mg


    167 mg


    0.3 mg

    Vitamin A

    26,364 IU

    Vitamin D3

    3636 IU

    Vitamin E

    36 mg

    Vitamin B1

    31 mg

    Vitamin B2

    26 mg

    Vitamin B6

    8 mg

    Vitamin B12

    0.1 mg

    Folic Acid

    7 mg

    Vitamin C

    6 mg

    Pantothenic acid

    51 mg

    Choline chloride

    209 mg


    0.02 mg

    Angelica (Angelica sinensis - T)

    22 ml


    Ingredients: Propylene glycol, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride; Additives (per liter): 2b-aromatic Substance: angelica (Angelica sinensis - ext.) 7100 ml; 3a-Vitamins, pro-vitamins and substances with similar effects: E672 870 000 IU vitamin A, vitamin D3 E671 120 000 IU 3a890 choline chloride 6900 mg, B5 pantothenic acid 1670 mg, vitamin E 1 3a700 200 mg, vitamin B1 1 030 mg, 870 mg vitamin B2, vitamin B6 270 mg 3a831, 3a316 245 mg folate, E300 Vitamin C 200 mg, vitamin B12 4 mg, 0.5 mg biotin; 3b-Trace elements: iron E1 (chelate and sulfate) 11,000 mg, E6 zinc (chelate and sulfate) 3,850 mg, E4 copper (chelate and sulfate) 1,330 mg, E5 manganese (chelate and sulfate) 1330 mg 3b305 cobalt (sulfate) 70 mg, E8-3b8.10 selenium (SELPLEX and selenite) 23 mg, E2 iodine (potassium iodide) 10 mg - Technological additives. E 310 Propyl gallate 60 mg, 30 mg BHA E320 - Components Analytical: moisture 91.1%, crude protein 1.4%, 0.3% crude fat, crude ash 3.7%, crude fiber 0.01%, 0.35% potassium, magnesium 0.07%.


    Presentation REDPLEX Audevard More

    1 liter bottle with a metering pump, for a period of treatment of an adult horse up to 33 days of use.


    Council pharmacist


    The formula REDPLEX + owes its success for over 15 years to its high concentration of iron and other nutrients related to the synthesis of red blood cells as vitamin B12. In addition, the formula has been enriched with extracts of Angelica sinensis. With over 20 ingredients concentrated REDPLEX + has a very wide formula.

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