BIONUTRON Racing Audevard 20kg compensates natural imbalances in the diet (calcium and phosphorus) and enhances intake specific to his physical activity.

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    Description Audevard BIONUTRON Racing 20 kg

    The basic diet of the horse brings his energy required for its activity, but it does not accurately and consistently brings all the essential nutrients the horse needs for optimal physiological functioning. Non-supplemented diets showed deficits in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin and other minerals that may be harmful to the animal.

    BIONUTRON provides the racing horse racing and high daily required amounts of iron (500 mg), vitamin E (1300 mg) and Lysine (1750 mg).

    The main indications are BIONUTRON Racing:

    • Complementations rations high proportion of oats.
    • Supplementation period of intense training and competition.
    • Complementation of racehorse training.
    3kg allows processing time for an adult horse to 60 days.

    Composition Audevard BIONUTRON Racing 20kg

    Vitamins, trace elements, phosphate rock, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, sodium chloride, molasses, soy protein flour.

    1 kg (New phospho-calcium / Ca ratio P = 1.8)

    Calcium 110 000 mg Cobalt 110 mg
    Macronutrients Phosphorus 60,000 mg Copper 3500 mg
    Magnesium 20,000 mg Iron 10,000 mg
    Sodium 18,000 mg Trace elements Iodine 100 mg
    Choline 7200 mg Manganese 5000 mg
    Amino acids Lysine 100 000 mg Selenium 70 mg
    Methionine 15,000 mg Zinc 10,000 mg
    Folic Acid 1600 mg L-Carnitine 14,000 mg
    Pantothenic acid 1400 mg Other ingredients Soy Protein 6000 mg
    Biotin 30 mg Plant polyphenols 1200 mg
    Niacin 2700 mg
    Vitamin A 1,200,000 IU
    Vitamin B1 1150 mg
    Vitamins Viatmine B12 18 mg
    Vitamin B2 1000 mg
    Vitamin B6 500 mg
    Vitamin C 14,000 mg
    Vitamin D3 64,000 IU
    Vitamin E 34,000 IU
    Vitamin K3 275 mg

    Use Audevard BIONUTRON Racing Tips

    Add 50 grams of BIONUTRON Racing to the daily ration. The dose may be doubled in case of very intense work or difficulty of recovery for a period lasting 15 days.

    Presentation Audevard BIONUTRON Racing

    20kg box - CodeACL: 745850 6.
    Allows processing time for an adult horse to 60 days.

    Use Precautions Audevard BIONUTRON Racing

    For the racehorse, BIONUTRON RACING compensates the natural imbalances in the diet (calcium and phosphorus) and reinforces the contribution of specific elements of his intense physical activity to ensure:

    • Muscle power
    • Stamina
    • Maintaining optimum shape at all throughout the year

    BIONUTRON RACING racehorse provides high and indispensable in daily quantities Iron (500 mg), Vitamin E (1300 mg) and Lysine (1750 mg).

    The advice of your pharmacist

    For over 25 years BIONUTRON range helps balance the ration of horses according to their level of activity. The new formula nutrigenomics goes further, based on the latest discoveries in nutrition, it can significantly improve the performance of horses.

    BALANCE: 14 vitamins, trace elements and minerals to offset the natural deficiencies in the diet of horses.

    PERFORMANCE: 16 active ingredients
    • Enhanced action antioxidant Selenium Nutrigenomics SELPLEX ®, Polyphenols (new), higher concentrations of vitamins A, C and E and Manganese, Copper and Zinc.

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