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In this book chemotyped essential oils written by D. Baudoux and ML Breda, you will find a simple, rigorous and scientific information: this is what this short but condensed booklet, which explains what a chemotype and presents an overview of the main oils their properties and indications.

What is the purpose of the New Edition Essential Oils Chemotyped book?

Pranarôm Livre Huiles Essentielles Chémotypées by D.Baudoux and M.L. Breda is a book that will give you the keys to making health management much easier, thanks to the best essential oils whose quality is the only guarantee of the results obtained. Written by Dominique Baudoux, pharmacist-aromatologist and M.L Breda, scientist and dispensary consultant.

Dominique Baudoux, a pharmacist with a passion for essential oils, puts his skills and experience at the service of his favorite fields, all related to the relationship between man and nature. Born into a family of pharmacists from father to son, he has been imbued with a spirit in which a deep, rational knowledge of phyto-aromatic remedies is combined with advice based on a holistic approach to pathology. Director of an aromatherapy company, he teaches this discipline in Europe, Quebec, Japan and Taiwan on behalf of several naturopathic schools.

Dominique Baudoux's expertise

The book "Huiles Essentielles Chémotypées" represents a wealth of knowledge and expertise accumulated by Dominique Baudoux, an internationally recognized pharmacist-aromatologist. With his extensive training and undeniable passion for aromatherapy, Baudoux shares his expertise and experience to provide a comprehensive guide to chemotyped essential oils. This book stands out for its significant contribution to the field, highlighting the importance and effectiveness of essential oils, provided they are correctly selected and used.

A global approach to health

A notable feature of this book is its global, holistic approach to health. Dominique Baudoux, in collaboration with M.L Breda, explores the deep connections between man and nature, adopting an integrated vision of health. Drawing on the principles of naturopathy and phytotherapy, the book offers practical, sound advice for promoting well-being. This holistic perspective underlines the importance of considering the individual as a whole, integrating the physical, emotional and environmental aspects of health.

Essential oil quality

The book places crucial emphasis on the quality of essential oils, stressing that this is essential to ensure the therapeutic efficacy of treatments. Baudoux and Breda emphasize the use of chemotyped essential oils, which are characterized by a precise and stable chemical composition, guaranteeing their purity and efficacy. The book guides the reader in choosing essential oils, providing detailed criteria for selecting high-quality products from reliable sources.

Pedagogical approach

"Dominique Baudoux adopts a pedagogical approach to demystify the complex concepts associated with aromatherapy. The information is clearly and logically structured, with detailed explanations and practical examples to illustrate the therapeutic principles and applications of essential oils. This pedagogical methodology makes the content accessible and comprehensible, enabling readers to apply the knowledge acquired in their personal or professional practice.

Teaching and passing on knowledge

In addition to his work as an author, Dominique Baudoux plays an essential role as a teacher and trainer in the field of aromatherapy. He gives training courses throughout Europe, Quebec, Japan and Taiwan, contributing to the education of health and well-being professionals. His commitment to the transmission of knowledge enriches the content of the book, making "Huiles Essentielles Chémotypées" an essential reference for all those interested in or practicing aromatherapy.

Book presentation New Edition Essential Oils Chemotypes

New, revised and expanded edition, 99 pages

Dominique Baudoux and M.L. Breda, Huiles essentielles chémotypées , Edition JOM,
Printed on 100% recycled paper
Format: 14.5cm x 21cm

Book in French.

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