ARNICA MONTANA tincture drops homeopathy Boiron

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ARNICA MONTANA tincture drops homeopathy Boiron

Bottles of 60, 125 ml

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Used for : Arnica Montana drops

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French name: arnica MOUNTAINS
Registered drug: EH00012
Enrolled in the pharmacopoeia
Origin: Plant



Pharmaceutical form:
Liquid for skin application. Bottles of 60 or 125 ml


Homeopathic medicine traditionally utlise in local adjunctive therapy in mild trauma (bruises, contusions, muscle fatigue, ...)

Dosage and administration ARNICA MONTANA

Drug for use in adults and on medical advice for children from 1 year. Dermal. Apply tincture on the painful area 2-4 times daily or as prescription. The duration of treatment should not exceed one week.

ARNICA MONTANA composition

Arnica montana tincture. Excipients: purified water, ethanol 96% V / V

Precautions of ARNICA MONTANA

Warnings and precautions:
Do not use on wounds, weeping dermatitis or superinfected lesions. Do not apply to eyes and mucous membranes. Stop treatment when symptoms disappear. External use. Do not swallow.

Hypersensitivity to Arnica or to any of the excipients. Cons-indicated in children under 1 year.

Side effects:
Possibility of an allergic reaction requiring discontinuation of treatment. Due to the presence of alcohol, frequent applications to the skin can cause irritation and dry skin.

Pregnancy / Breastfeeding:
In the absence of experimental and clinical data and as a precaution, the use of this drug should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation.


This medicine contains alcohol. Its alcohol content is 55% V / V, 0.45 g of alcohol 50 drops.

ARNICA MONTANA instructions

Pharmacodynamic properties:
Pharmacotherapeutic group: homeopathic medicine. In the absence of scientific data, the use of this drug based on traditional homeopathic use of its components.

Authorized medicinal No.:
3400938869903: 60 ml bottle. liquid for skin application.
3400938870091: 125 ml bottle. liquid for skin application.

Date of Authorisation on the market:
May 2009


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