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VIT'ALL + ®, founded in France in 1987, was the first company to manufacture and distribute in France a complete range of orthomolecular food supplements of the highest quality. Our supplements are exclusive, innovative formulas developed with natural ingredients to meet the nutritional needs of everyone, from children to seniors, both women and men.

Orthomolecular nutrition provides the right amount of nutrients necessary for the cell (which is the basis of life) to efficiently carry out the tasks for which it was created. It promotes the proper functioning of the immune system , is the basis of true "anti-aging" and provides invaluable assistance to the success of any therapeutic specialty.

The VIT'ALL + ® micro-nutrition laboratory: healthy and highly nutritious ingredients

The naturalness of the ingredients: the most natural nutrients and ingredients possible are favored; otherwise we use “bio-identical” nutrients. Vitall + food supplements are guaranteed to be free of salt, sugar, gluten, starch, yeast, preservative, and artificial coloring. They are therefore suitable for all people concerned about their lipid and carbohydrate balance as well as people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance . Devoid of animal substances, they are also suitable for vegetarians .

Maximum safety and harmlessness, the products are subject to demanding quality standards. Traceability and safety of ingredients are ensured thanks to strict control procedures carried out at all stages of production and distribution, in compliance with current national and European regulations. Vitall + has also been Ecocert certified since 2004, which testifies to an approach that respects the environment in a sustainable manner. He is also a Synadiet member and adheres to the quality charter, attesting to the irreproachable character of food supplements.

VIT'ALL + commitments

  • Naturalness, quality and Traceability of ingredients: They use high quality ingredients, and guarantee their traceability, safety and purity. They use local and regional channels as much as possible for the supply of raw materials.
  • Food supplements (unless otherwise stated on the labeling) are guaranteed to have no added salt, no added sugar, no starch, no gluten, no preservatives, artificial nicolourants, no nanoparticles, no titanium dioxide and they are mostly suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They are not tested on animals.
  • Eco-responsibility is practiced with packaging, limiting waste as much as possible. Vitall + buildings respect the ecology with wooden framework, green roof, solar power plant ...
  • The validation of the formulations of food supplements is made by a Scientific committee.
  • Food raw materials use "bio-identical" substances, ie according to various processes (essentially biotechnological) and identical to natural substances.

Orthomolecular at the heart of Vitall + products

The main objective of orthomolecular nutrition is to provide the body with a variety of nutrients essential for the proper functioning of its cells (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, substances considered non-essential but nevertheless essential for protection. cell phone at the right dose.

The brand guarantees quality products, without preservatives or artificial colors, formulated with natural ingredients. VIT'ALL + food supplements adapt to the needs of the whole family, respecting each person's needs and helping you to maintain a healthy and balanced diet .

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