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The Puressentiel laboratory

Puressentiel draws from nature, in an eco-responsible and eco-solidarity way, the best that it has to offer us and restores it in the purest and essential form, to guarantee "efficiency in its purest form" !

We travel all over the world to supply the 15,591 tonnes of vegetable raw materials needed each year to manufacture the products of the Puressentiel range in France. Global sourcing and French manufacturing for our products based on essential oils and natural active ingredients.

Essential oils , rare and precious materials, come from leaves, fruits, flowers, seeds, bark, roots… It takes colossal quantities drawn from across the 5 continents to extract sometimes only a few drops of active substance. This is why eco-responsible sourcing is an essential requirement and a daily challenge!

The Puressentiel approach, enshrined in the Pure Quality charter , guarantees total and united respect for local populations, protection of the rights of children and workers, protection of the ecosystem and biodiversity through organic or sustainable production.

Pure Quality Puressentiel Charter

All Puresentiel essential and vegetable oils are:

100 %

  • PURE
Guaranteed without preservative, paraben, phenoxyethanol (chemical preservative), synthetic dye, OMG, propellant gas dangerous for humans or without animal matter (except products from the hive), the formulas developed by the toimarque ensure the highest tolerance and optimum safety, thanks to constant monitoring. Not tested on animals, Puressentiel products attach great importance to respect for nature, people and respect for animal welfare.
0 %
  • PEG
  • DYE
  • GMO

Puressentiel ranges adapted to your needs

In 10 years of experience, Puressentiel has developed 19 care ranges to meet the needs of the whole family as adequately as possible. Among these ranges, there is among others a range of vegetable oils , developed on the basis of a perfect combination of organic oils rich in vitamin E, but also a range of essential oils , composed of 41 100% pure oils and natural. Puressentiel has also designed a range of care and massage oils for moments of relaxation and relaxation.

A range of anti-mosquito products based on active ingredients of plant origin to protect the whole family from mosquitoes and certain biting insects.

Puressentiel products provide all the guarantees of efficacy and tolerance. These are validated by tests and studies carried out by experts and independent accredited bodies. The best of anti-lice essential oils and nature's within everyone's reach!

To treat muscle stiffness and massage. Massage sensitive areas (back, shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, etc.) with the best of essential oils.

A Sanitizing range based on 100% plant-based active ingredients and essential oils to purify the air and disinfect hands and surfaces.

Composed of carefully selected essential oils, the ready-to-use Diffusion Mixtures and the Puressentiel Home Fragrances are cocktails of essential oils that offer different atmospheres, according to your needs and desires of the moment, and which will give an atmosphere special and pleasant, like a personalized signature.

A range of anti-cellulite slimming treatments formulated with active ingredients of natural origin and essential oils to help firm, tone and smooth the skin.

To purify the air and eliminate bacteria. The natural answer to facilitate well-being and fight against the inconveniences of winter, seasonal sensitivities.

Solutions based on essential oils, known to help prepare for sleep, facilitate relaxation and relax naturally.

Puressentiel and the guarantee of effective, pure and natural essential oils

Puressentiel is committed to an approach to protect the environment and educates its producers and manufacturers about eco-responsible and eco-solidarity procedures. The production of essential oils is done with respect for nature and people.

Chemotyped , the brand's essential oils are of HEBBD quality; in other words, they are all studied botanically and chemically, which guarantees a certain traceability of these oils.

Performance is illustrated on a daily basis in our unique and innovative products, whose effectiveness has been demonstrated by numerous studies.

The development of the range is supervised by teams of doctors, pharmacists, expert aromatherapists and toxicologists focused on the search for high-performance natural active ingredients . It is available in formulas accessible to all, safe, easy to use and with proven effectiveness.

Puressentiel offers an innovative range of more than 280 products, based on essential oils, vegetable oils and vegetable extracts.

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