Нарушение сна ОТДЫХ СИРОП 200 мл HOMEOPATHIE Boiron


Boiron spécialités homéopathiques conseils Boiron spécialités homéopathiques conseils

ОТДЫХ является гомеопатическое лекарство традиционно используется для симптоматического лечения переходных нервозность и нарушение сна несовершеннолетних.


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ОТДЫХ сироп ® Homeopathics

Что такое гармония?

Нервозность passagère.Troubles незначительные сон.

Кто Гармония?

Зарезервировано для детей старше 1 года

Как Гармония?

Не используйте без медицинской консультации для детей менее 30 устной mois.Voie: дозе 5 мл, с окончания ковша-дозирования, утром и вечером.
Максимальная продолжительность лечения составляет 10 дней у детей старше 30 месяцев.
Если симптомы не проходят, лечение следует пересмотреть.
Детская расстройство сна требуется проконсультироваться с врачом. В самом деле, происхождение этого заболевания должны быть определены.

Лекарственная форма Гармонии

Сироп: 200 мл бутылка с мерный стаканчик.

Что Гармония?

Chamomilla обыкновенная 9 CH
Gelsemium 9 СН
Hyoscyamus Нигер 9 СН
Калий bromatum 9 СН
Пассифлоры Incarnata 3 DH
Дурмана 9 СН
1,5 г на 100 г аа
Harmony вспомогательные вещества: сахароза, 96% этанолом, бензойная кислота, карамель, EAY QS 200 мл
Содержание алкоголя 0,40% (V / V). Разовая доза 5 мл этанола, содержащего 16 мг.

Минусы-индикация Гармонии

Детям до 1 года.
Наркотики. Внимательно прочитайте инструкцию. Если симптомы не проходят, обратитесь к врачу. Попросите вашего фармацевт за советом.

Уполномоченный лекарственные Гармония: Нет 3400935272515

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Sleep disorders dramatically affect the quality of life. As a result, insomnia is a frequent reason for consulting or seeking advice from the pharmacy. If the molecules with medical prescription are numerous, their use must be limited to avoid any habituation. At the counter of your pharmacy, lifestyle measures or therapeutic alternatives may be offered. Sleep is a special state of the central nervous system, which in humans alternates cyclically with wakefulness. Sleep-wake alternation is acquired gradually after birth, resulting from two phenomena: sleep homeostasis or sleep pressure (a decrease in sleep time increases the propensity to fall asleep and conversely, an excess of sleep...

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The signature theory would demonstrate that St. John’s Wort, which blooms more particularly during the summer solstice , is a solar plant whose symbolism directs us directly to its propensity to know how to chase the heady pangs of depression . St. John’s Wort preserves evil spirits which, in our modern times, are all examples of the difficulties we can encounter as our own inner sun fades, inexorably turning into a pale and dull coin of money. A little history The history of St. John’s Wort dates back over 2,500 years. Cited among others by Pliny the Elder , Dioscorides , Theophrastus and Galen , for its healing and anti-neuralgic properties, it was known in the Middle...

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The emotional covers the capacity of the human body to respond to physical stimuli, changes of its organic or mental state such as jitters. It expresses simultaneously in the psychic sphere , by an affect ( grief, fear, anger, joy, for example ) and / or in the somatic sphere , by various neurovegetative reactions ( endocrine vasomotor, secretory, muscular, etc. ). How to explain stage fright? Stage fright refers to the particular case of the unreasoned emotional reaction which occurs in particular in impressionable subjects before a dreaded ordeal ( examination, spectacle, etc. ). The semiology of acute emotional disorders is indeed very polymorphic . Most of the time, we find the...

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Also known as California poppy , eschscholtzia was traditionally used by Native Americans for the medicinal use of the latex of the plant as a pain reliever in toothache. They also used it to treat headaches, colic or to help children fall asleep. A little history The name of the plant was chosen in 1820 by the German Romantic poet and explorer Von Chamisso , in honor of his German-Batle botanist and naturalist friend of Russian nationality Johann Friedrich von Eschscholtz , one of the first scientists to study the Pacific, especially Alaska and California. During the scientific expedition, led by Otto von Kotzebue and carried out at the beginning of the 19th century around the world, Von...

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In the majority of cases, infantile eruptive fevers correspond to exanthematous viroses , or even to bacterial etiologies. Much less frequently, these eruptive fevers are the first manifestations of a potentially more severe condition. Viral rash diseases in children Measles : This infection is caused by a morbillivirus of the Paramyxoviridae family . Its only reservoir is indeed the man suffering from the infection, even asymptomatic. The incubation period is silent, and lasts on average just over 12 days. The sign of Koplick , pathognomonic (characteristic) of the illness, research on the internal face of the cheek, at the first molar in the form of small spots eruptive whitish or...

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Graves’ disease, autoimmune thyroiditis caused by various factors

16/12/2021 Naturopathy

Graves’ disease, also known under the name Graves , is an autoimmune disease affecting the thyroid gland, which causes hyperthyroidism or hyperfunction of this gland. Graves’ disease represents 76% of hyperthyroidism in particular. It preferentially affects relatively young women, but it can nevertheless occur at any age. A little history Robert James Graves was an Irish surgeon. Having described exophthalmic goiter in 1835, he gave its name to Graves’ disease . Born in Germany on March 27, 1796, he died in Dublin on March 20, 1853. Little reminder on the thyroid gland The thyroid is a hormonal gland located next to the esophagus in the shape of a bow tie. It is also...

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Neroli essential oil, symbol of purity

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Neroli essential oil is orange blossom essence from a single variety of orange trees; sour orange or bitter orange tree . Originally from India and China, the bitter orange very quickly arrived in the Mediterranean basin 1000 years ago. In Antiquity, the orange blossom was notably a symbol of purity ; it even adorned the crowns of brides. A little history The bitter orange is a tree native to India and planted on the Mediterranean coasts around the 12th century. It has been used for centuries to soothe stomach ailments , and its fruits, flowers and leaves are used to make three different essential oils: bitter orange essential oil , obtained from the zest , essential oil of neroli ,...

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In infants or young children, teething can lead to a number of local or general incidents. On the local level We can sometimes observe: Pericoronitis with inflammation of the mucous membrane, hypersalivation and repercussions on character (agitation, insomnia). There may even be suppuration. Gingivitis . A follicular cyst with swelling of the gingival margin. Borax : We are in the presence of stomatitis gingivitis with mouth ulcers (these lesions are very painful at the slightest contact, especially with acidic or salty food. The baby cannot therefore suckle and refuses the breast or the bottle. Dosage : Borax 5CH, 5 granules 3 or 4 times a day. This medicine is also suitable for oral...

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Stressthere are many causes of repeated night-time awakenings, such as anxiety, lack of vitamins and nutrients of all kinds. When this sleep disorder when this happens in the middle of the night, it is very often difficult to get back to sleep. But apart from that, it also causes a number of recurring problems in everyday life, such as fatigue and dizziness. How can we avoid waking up a few hours after we have gone to dreamland? How can we reduce the number of night-time awakenings and finally have a restful sleep ? The answers are provided in this article. Going to the toilet before going to bed We don’t say it enough, but it is imperative to go tothe toilet before...

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