DOLTHENE DOG S, M or L Wormer Merial

Comment on DOLTHENE DOG S, M or L Wormer Merial canine anthelmintic very broad spectrum and high acceptance for the dog

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Partners with: VELOXA dog wormer 2 or 4 chewable tablets, VELOXA XL VERMIFUGE DOG 2 CPR CHEWABLE Merial

Used for : roundworms, hookworms, dipylidium, taenia, whipworm, hookworms, ascarids, dipylidium, taenia, whipworms

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    DOLTHENE DOG S, M or L Wormer Merial

    Oral Suspension Dolthene Chien S, M or L laboratory Merial is a canine anthelmintic with broad spectrum and high acceptance for the dog.

    Oxfendazole is effective in over 93% of all major parasites of the dog, including Dipylidium caninum and Trichuris vulpis.

    The original dosage form worming DOLTHENE DOG S, M or L (apétente to mix with food oral suspension) and high acceptance (taken by the dog facility) limit manipulation by the trainer.

    Description of dog dolthene S, M or L Wormer for dogs

    Dogs: cure digestive helminths due to Toxocara cani, Toxascaris leonina,
    Uncinaria stenocephala, Ancylostoma braziliense, Trichuris vulpis, Taenia hydatigena, Dipylidium caninum.

    Using advice and opinion on dolthene S, M or L Wormer for dogs

    Mix Dolthene S, M or L Dog food or possibly administer directly into the mouth.

    The dose is 0.5 ml per kg per day for consecutive 3 days.

    For ease, the amount required to remove using the graduated applicator kg.

    Place on the food. Mix. Allow the animal to consume.

    Deworming schedule:
    • puppies from 15 days of age:
    - From 15 days to 2 months: every 15 days,
    - From 2 to 6 months: every month, especially before each vaccination.
    • Puppies over 6 months and adult dogs: twice a year.
    • breeding bitches:
    - Before the projection
    - Ten days before and after parturition.

    Composition dolthene S, M or L Wormer for dogs

    Oxfendazole ..... 22.65 mg
    Sorbic acid (E200) 1.50 mg .....
    Excipient ..... 1 ml

    Caution for dolthene with S, M or L Wormer for dogs

    Do not administer to pregnant bitches during the first 35 days of gestation.

    Introducing dolthene S, M or L Wormer for dogs

    DOLTHENE ® 20ml Contains 453 mg of oxfendazole
    DOLTHENE ® 50 ml: contains 1132.5 mg of oxfendazole
    DOLTHENE ® 100 ml contains 2265 mg of oxfendazole
    Merial PRODUCT

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    DOLTHENE ® 20ml: For dogs up to 13kg
    DOLTHENE ® 50 ml: For dogs 13 to 33 kg
    DOLTHENE ® 100 ml: For dogs 33 to 66 kg

    Worming puppy dog cat and kitten. Discover our natural worming bio pharmacy. The recommended deworming protocol is as follows: - up to 12 weeks of life, you have wormed every 2 weeks - 13 weeks to 6 months, you need worming every month - after six months, just do 2 4 treatments per year, depending on the activities of your pet. - For breeding females, think the worm 2 or 3 days before mating, calving and every 15 days after farrowing (2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks).

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