Nine moons nausea pregnancy Pregnancy is a patented dietary supplement by the INNOVASCIENCE laboratory, which relieves from the first dose and long nausea related to pregnancy symptoms.

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Used for : nausea, motion sickness, pregnancy nausea, nausea in pregnant women

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    This dietary supplement contains a natural anti-nausea active ingredient, ginger. Indeed, Chinese pregnant women traditionally consume ginger root during pregnancy to combat morning sickness.

    Description of nine moons pregnant nausea

    Nausea, which are often the first harbinger of a pregnancy sign, appear unavoidable. On variable amplitude, the nausea can be like mild heart aches in the morning at sunrise, or lead you to unwanted nausea all day.

    Expert in health nutrition, research INNOVASCIENCE innovates and develops NAUSAGYN patent.

    Specially formulated to meet the sickness in pregnant women, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy.

    The food supplement Nine Moons Pregnant Woman Nausea is also recommended for the prevention of motion sickness throughout pregnancy.

    Using advice and opinion on new moons pregnant innovascience

    1 tablet per day during the first trimester of pregnancy can significantly reduce nausea in pregnant women.

    Composition of new moons pregnant nausea

    Complement cocoa, strawberry puree and ginger that contributes to normal functioning of the stomach in early pregnancy.

    Presence of vitamin B6 help regulate hormonal activity and folate contributing to the growth of maternal tissue during pregnancy.

    The bilayer tablet has a dual distribution assets: immediate and progressive.

    Caution for nine moons innovascience

    Keep out the worn and sight of children. Store away from light and heat.

    Introducing new moons pregnant nausea

    Box of 30 tablets


    Dietary advice to pregnant women for every day

    Eating is a pleasure throughout pregnancy.

    The meal is a time of relaxation, friendliness, and take the time to chew eating and do not forget to drink!

    3 meals and 2 snacks a day you need during your pregnancy. This prevents nausea in the first quarter and hypoglycemia.
    Do not skip meals, especially breakfast, to allow proper assimilation of food and ensure regular nutritional intake. So you limit the "nibbling" taking sugary foods (biscuits, sweets) that are responsible for metabolic disorders and are the causes of naussées morning in pregnant women.
    "Snacking" can make you gain weight too quickly and make you lose your appetite for essential food items.

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