VETOBIOL Spot-on dog MIDDLE natural insect repellent

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VETOBIOL Spot-on natural insect repellent MIDDLE dog in our veterinary pharmacy

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    VETOBIOL Spot-on dog MIDDLE natural insect repellent

    Pipette average dog. Pest repellent natural against fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, sand flies, chiggers. Protects and easily the dog external parasites.

    Description VETOBIOL Spot-on dog MIDDLE natural insect repellent

    Action insecticide and repellent. Protects your pet easily and external parasites. The product is distributed over the entire surface of the body by diffusion into the sebum.

    Directions for use and dosage

    important tips

    No flea product (same chemical) can be effective if your pet is already infested as your home, car and outbuildings have already become a haven for fleas. We recommend immediately bugging all living areas with Foggers and / or consult with a natural insecticide lotion habitat.

    In case of heavy infestation of the animal (a flea lays 30 eggs a day) you can also deal with the spray insecticide natural BIOVETOL.

    External use off medication.

    Use each month reserved for dogs. Put gloves, hold the pipette vertically, the cap facing up. Remove the cap, turn it and perforate the pipette tip by turning. Apply the pipette 2 points on the animal's body (between the shoulder blades and mid-back), an area where he can not lick. Recap pipette and eliminate according to P501 mention. Let the animal snort. Wash hands thoroughly after use.

    Composition of VETOBIOL Spot-on dog MIDDLE natural insect repellent

    Margosa, pyrethrum, Lavender, geraniol.

    Precaution of use

    Apply pipettes pyrethrum night to prevent rapid deterioration of pyrethrum under the action of UV. So you get a more efficient action of this powerful asset

    Introducing VETOBIOL Spot-on dog MIDDLE natural insect repellent

    Learn more about the chip average dog

    The chip is the most common ectoparasite infesting carnivores in all environments (forest, rural, urban).
    In the natural area and hot environment, it observes all year. In temperate and cold zone, his infestations are more important from spring to fall. Below 0 ° C, most fleas and larvae die, but migratory birds in southern relate, and a number survive in burrows near the particular hibernating, or in homes.

    Our Pharmacy expert advice

    Pets (dog, cat, kitten and puppy) sow infested flea eggs (sometimes called parquet chips). These eggs are waiting for favorable conditions to hatch, usually all at the same time.

    Vetobiol cheap in your online pharmacy

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