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CLEMENT THEKAN LAXIDEAL paste 100 g tube: Clément Thékan Laxideal improves intestinal transit covering the intestinal wall. Ideal to prevent both the formation of hairballs or hard stool constipation older animals or sedentary.

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    CLEMENT THEKAN LAXIDEAL paste Tube 100 g

    Description CLEMENT THEKAN LAXIDEAL paste Tube 100 g

    Components Laxideal (paraffin oil and petroleum jelly) covering the intestinal wall and improve, by their lubricating effect, the transit of the bolus, thus avoiding the formation of hairballs or hard faeces.
    These properties are particularly interesting in cats to prevent the formation and facilitate the evacuation of hairballs.
    Laxideal Clement Thekan is also recommended in elderly and sedentary animals are often prone to constipation.

    Laxideal is a palatable paste for dogs and cats.

    Council CLEMENT use THEKAN LAXIDEAL paste Tube 100 g

    Place on the amount of food the following product:
    - Dogs: pressure to 5 kg live weight,
    - Cats: pressure to 3 kg of live weight.

    Note: Lubricate the intestinal transit and facilitate the evacuation of dog hair balls and cats.

    CLEMENT composition THEKAN LAXIDEAL paste Tube 100 g

    Under plant products, oils and fats, sugars.
    Levels of analytical constituents: crude protein 3%, 40% crude fat, crude ash 2.5%, gross 0.03% cellulose.

    Main ingredients: Paraffin, Vaseline.

    Presentation CLEMENT THEKAN LAXIDEAL paste Tube 100 g

    Tube 100 g

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