ORBESEAL 120 syringes for 30 intra-mammary treatments

ORBESEAL 120 syringes for 30 intra-mammary treatments View larger


ORBESEAL 120 syringes for 30 intra-mammary treatments, recommended by veterinarians in dairy cows to prevent intra-mammary infections during the dry season of milk.

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    ORBESEAL 120 syringes for 30 intra-mammary treatments

    In cattle (dairy cows):
    - prevention of new intramammary infections throughout the dry period.

    In cows considered to be most likely to be free of subclinical mastitis, the drug will be used as part of a mastitis control and herd management plan.

    Indications and properties of ORBESEAL 120 syringes

    In practice, the criteria for selecting cows to be treated should be based on the advice of the veterinarian.
    These criteria may be based on the history of mastitis and individual cell counts of cows, on the results of tests conventionally used for the detection of subclinical mastitis or bacteriological samples.

    Conditioning of ORBESEAL 30 treatments

    Box of 120 intra-mammary syringes with 4 gram tip

    Composition of ORBESEAL 120 syringes

    Heavy bismuth (subnitrate sf) ..... 1,858 g
    Excipient QSP ..... 1 intramammary syringe of 4 g

    Using advice and opinions on ORBESEAL 30 intra-mammary treatments 4G SYRINGES

    Administer the contents of an applicator in each neighborhood immediately after the last milking (dry).
    Do not massage the teat or udder after infusion of the product.

    It is imperative that the teat be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with 70 ° alcohol or pre-impregnated antiseptic towels and allowed to dry prior to administration.
    Administer aseptically paying particular attention not to contaminate the tip of the applicator.
    After infusion, use a soaking product or spray.

    We recommend the following products as treatment or prevention supplements:

    DOLISOVET INTRAMAMMIRE BOIRON BOX OF 52 SYRINGES OF 10 G (restoration of the functioning of the udder)

    VETEBIOL VEGEBOM ( udder massage balm)

    PVB PHYTOLAC (febrile state related to inflammation of the udder)

    Precautions for use

    The drug should not be administered during lactation. If the specialty is inadvertently administered to a lactating cow, the cap will be removed by manual milking of the area; a slight transient increase in cell count (up to 2-fold) can be observed. No special precautions are needed later.

    The product is not absorbed by the mammary gland, the specialty can be used in pregnant cows.
    At calving, the plug can be ingested by the calf. The ingestion of the product by the calf is safe and does not cause undesirable side effects.

    Orbeseal waiting time

    Meat and offal: zero days.
    Milk: zero days.

    Expert opinion on the use of ORBESEAL box of 120 syringes

    The administration of the product in each quarter results in the formation of a physical barrier preventing the penetration of bacteria. This reduces the incidence of new intramammary infections during the dry period.

    Bismuth subnitrate is not absorbed by the mammary gland but persists as a plug in the teat until it is removed physically (this has been shown for cows with a dry period of 100 days).

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