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Biocanina Phytocanina Flatulence and breath on sale in our pharmacy bio, facilitates digestion and fights bad breath. For dogs and cats.

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    Description Biocanina Phytocanina breath and Flatulence

    Biocanina Phytocanina Flatulence and breath is a combination of plants with eliminative properties (kidney), digestive, detoxifying (liver) complemented by an anti halitosis action. This dietary supplement also has a mild laxative effect to remove the hairball accumulated in the cat's intestine.
    Combination of two plants with properties:

    • Eliminative (kidney) through Ash.
    • Detoxifying and digestive (liver) procured by the Artichoke, supplemented by anti bad breath of the dry extract of parsley action.

    Using advice from Biocanina Phytocanina breath and Flatulence

    Write 1 to 2 tablet (s) per day to the animal. Biocanina Phytocanina Flatulence and breath peuvt be ground and incorporated into the food.

    Composition Biocanina Phytocanina breath and Flatulence

    Ash (leaf) dry extract: 50 mg
    Artichoke dry extract: 50 mg
    Parsley solids: 50 mg
    Excipient qs palatable: 1 tablet

    Introducing Biocanina Phytocanina breath and Flatulence

    Box of 40 tablets.

    Animals, when left to their own devices in the wild, do not hesitate to self-medicate in the natural pharmacies of fields, forests or groves. This is how the medicinal properties of several plants have been discovered.

    Veterinary phytotherapy is the art of treating animals with plants. As with humans, it is important to respect the recommendations of health experts (pharmacists and veterinarians) and to adapt natural treatments for each animal.

    The practice of alternative methods of caring for animals by pet owners (dog, cat, rabbit and other NACs), and breeders or farmers are constantly growing. Veterinary medicine is evolving and gentle or natural methods are increasingly recognized by the scientific community. They make it possible to meet consumer expectations and limit the use of antibiotics in farms, which are very expensive. Alternative methods also have the great advantage of emphasizing prevention and knowledge of animals .

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