Urgo APHTHAE LIQUID DRESSING 6ML: Urgo Mouth Ulcers is a liquid dressing for the problems of mouth ulcer and small mouth sores. With its Filmogel technology, Urgo Aphte quickly relieves pain, isolated from water and food and promotes healing of the lesion.

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Used for : oral mucosal ulcers and wounds

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    Description Urgo Mouth Ulcers dressing Liquid 6ml

    Urgo Mouth Ulcers 6ml Liquid Bandage is a liquid bandage ready for localized application on canker sores or small wounds of the oral mucosa. This treatment instantly and permanently relieves pain associated with canker sores and promotes healing. It forms a protective film, which takes up to 4 hours which is resistant to water and food.

    Urgo Mouth Ulcers Filmogel uses technology that allows easy and perfectly localized application on sore or small wound in the oral mucosa. Once applied to the oral mucosa, it forms a thin, flexible film that protects the wound from external aggressions (food, teeth, braces ...), relieves pain and promotes rapid and lasting healing.

    Hints Urgo Mouth Ulcers 6ml

    Apply Urgo Mouth Ulcers 6ml as often as necessary, up to 4 times daily, preferably before the main meals until complete healing (3-5 days). 1 vial contains about 100 applications.

    Wipe one side of the spatula on the bottle rim and apply the remaining amount with the end of the spatula to thoroughly cover the sore or lesion. Let dry for about ten seconds and then close the mouth: a visible film forms. If the movie does not seem to be properly cover the sore or lesion, repeat the operation. As the film is visible, it is not necessary to carry out a new application.

    The hygiene of the film-forming gel is guaranteed by its composition, so there is no need to clean the spatula after use.


    Alcohol, cellulose derivative, carboxylic acids, inorganic acid, Water, Orange flavor.


    6 ml bottle for about 100 applications.

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    Since 1960, Urgo Laboratories ® innovate and develop not only dressings, but also other products for patient care, such as liquid bandages Filmogel. Urgo ® offers different products for the evils of daily whole family: canker sores, fever blisters or cold sores, blisters and cracks in the hands or feet but also damaged by fungal infections and nail trauma. Urgo ® solutions enable the products according to relieve, soothe or prevent aches and other pains.

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