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Venimex a suction pump is automatically triggered venom developed and patented by COOPER. Venimex, manufactured in France, is a must for medical bags to fight against stings and venomous bites.

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    Venimex Suction pump venom



    Description Venimex anti venom pump


    Venimex a suction pump is automatically triggered venom developed and patented by COOPER. Venimex, manufactured in France, is a must for medical bags to fight against stings and venomous bites. She can suck the venom injected by insects (wasps, bees ...), or other poisonous animals (bright, spiders, scorpions ...), to limit their spread in the body. Venimex be used without the help of a third party, the entire bitten or stung person (adult, child, elderly, etc.) and is a gesture of 1st aid, pending a medical treatment.


    Venimex is a venom pump, to allow, if sting / bite envenomation limit. Venimex is a first-aid solution. In the most severe cases (people at risk, etc.), medical consultation is required.

    Thanks to its automatic trigger system Venimex can be used with one hand: 3 seconds and a single step sufficient to activate the pump and initiate suction.

    Whatever type of venomous bite or sting, it is important to keep calm: the excitement accelerates the spread of the venom in the blood and may increase envenomation.


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    Venimex is the most sold pump venom in France, with its incomparable advantages product:

    Venimex pump is the most powerful venom Its suction power constant at each use is above 800 mbar

    Venimex is the fastest pump venom: 3 seconds are enough to its implementation and the most common tip is already attached. To adapt to all forms of bites and all parts of the body, two different tips are provided (the smallest being advocated for uneven parts like the finger or knee). Everything is stored in a compact case to be taken everywhere.

    Venimex is the simplest venom pump to use. Venimex the first suction pump is automatically triggered venom, operable with one hand. In one stroke, a low pressure of the device on the skin triggers the aspiration. On the other hand, Venimex can be used on any victim of a venomous bite or sting and all parts of the body (2). Venimex can be reused many times under normal conditions (+ 100 uses).


    Enter Venimex

    Press until the outbreak

    Relax and get sucked minutes

    The application time depends on the type of Venimex sting / bite:

    - 1 minute to insect bites or spider bites,

    - 3 to 5 minutes for bright bites.

    In case of bee sting, apply Venimex without removing the stinger. This facilitates the extraction of venom. To remove Venimex, tilt the pump to create an air inlet in the tip, and then clean the wound with antiseptic (do not use alcohol).

    Keep Venimex in its case in a dry place at room temperature. Only tips can be cleaned and immersed in water

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