Mam Ring Teething Refrigerant


Teething Ring Mam Refrigerant in our pharmacy bio. Relieves the baby's gums thanks to its part of cooling water.

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Used for : ring, freshness effect

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    Mam Ring Teething Refrigerant

    The teething ring is the SOS pain relief accessory . Quickly it will soothe baby from 4 months of pain caused by dental surges .
    Indeed pushing the tooth makes the gum particularly painful, inflamed because it distends the gum that it eventually pierce.

    In addition to the homeopathic medicine Camilia en unidoses Boiron , our pharmacist aromatherapist advises the use of PRANABB gingival gel PRROAROM BIO dental boost . Quickly comforts baby's sensitive gums safely

    Description of Mam Ring Teething Refrigerant  

    Mam Ring Teething Refrigerant is designed to relieve baby's gums and ensure the proper development of teething and awakening baby. This flexible teething ring is ideal for relieving baby when pushing his teeth. Its effect "freshness" soothes immediately and relieves his gums. It is composed of 3 branches, filled with purified water, refrigerated after a passage in the refrigerator.

    Practical, its shape allows baby to easily catch it and access the bottom teeth.

    • The curved ring makes it easy for baby to handle .
    • The water part makes it possible to reach the bottom teeth . It relaxes, calms and soothes baby, especially if the ring comes out of the refrigerator.
    • The ring is composed of 5 surface structures and material to relieve the gums, relieve the effects of dental flare and vary the pleasures.

    Directions for use Mam Ring Teething Refrigerant

    • Do not put in the freezer or in the freezer, but only in the refrigerator.
    • Clean with soapy water only.
    • Do not sterilize in the microwave or by boiling.
    • Do not wash in the dishwasher.
    • To use under supervision of an adult.
    • Before each use, check that the product is not damaged.

    Composition of Mam Ring Teething Refrigerant

    Thermoplastic Elastomer, Ethylene Vinyl Acetae and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

    1. Part of soothing water: Unique shape that reaches the bottom teeth. Relax and calm, especially if the ring comes out of the refrigerator.
    2. Curved ring: Curved shape easy to handle for baby.
    3. Surfaces: Relieve the gums. To vary the pleasures.

    Introducing Mam Cooling Teething Ring

    Box of 1 teething ring Refrigerant

    Our advice and expert advice in pharmacy

    The placement of the twenty teeth of milk is done gradually. The first dental flares are responsible for temporary inconvenience.
    The arrival of the first teeth can lead to certain ailments: low fever, loose stools, loss of appetite, salivation. Your child may also have irritated buttocks. If he is a little grumpy, a teething ring can relieve his gums. The dental flare can also cause small digestive and intestinal problems, redness in the cheeks, sometimes even small bluish cysts on the gums. Your pediatrician can prescribe your child something to relieve him.

    Baby teething ring: discover our new range of teething rings for babies in your online bio pharmacy.

    When your child suffers from the teeth , he is grumpy, he has red buttocks, he screams for a yes, for a no ... Apart from a painkiller, there is a small object that soothes his painful gums : the ring of dentition.
    It is designed in soft and soft materials and with forms easy to catch, your child will not be able to quickly do without it.

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