Vita® OneTouch test strips are for use only with the OneTouch® Vita® reader to measure the level of glucose in fresh capillary whole blood.

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    Vita® OneTouch test strips are for use only with the OneTouch® Vita® drive (self-monitoring of glycemic) to measure the level of glucose in fresh capillary whole blood.

    Description ONE TOUCH 100 VITA BANDELET

    Results in 5 seconds
    Very small drop of blood
    Dipstick whose end automatically draws blood
    Confirmation window that indicates when you have collected enough blood
    Gripping strip over its entire surface
    Bottle easy to open hinged lid

    Application advice and opinion on ONE TOUCH 100 VITA BANDELET

    OneTouch® Vita® system (Glycemic self-monitoring) is calibrated to plasma to facilitate the comparison of results with those obtained in the laboratory.

    Please carefully read the instructions supplied with the system before using it.

    Composition ONE TOUCH 100 VITA BANDELET

    Box of 100 test strips OneTouch®Vita®

    Precaution for use with VITA ONE TOUCH 100 BANDELET

    Storage and handling:
    Keep the vial of test strips in a cool, dry place at a temperature below 30 ° C. Do not refrigerate. Keep it away from sunlight and heat.
    Keep the test strips in the original bottle. To avoid any degradation or contamination, do not transfer test strips into another container.
    Do not open the test strip vial until you are ready to perform the test. Do not open that bottle to remove the strips.
    After removing a test strip from the bottle, close - the property immediately. Use the test strip immediately after removing it from the vial.

    Introducing ONE TOUCH 100 VITA BANDELET

    Box of 100 test strips OneTouch®Vita®

    Our expert advice on pharmacy

    Never use test strips from a damaged container or left open.
    Write the discard date (date opened plus 6 months) on the label at the first opening.
    Do not use test strips after the expiration date (printed on the bottle label) or disposal, whichever occurs first.
    Avoid contact of the test strip with dirt, food or liquids. Make sure your hands are clean and dry before touching any part of the test strip.
    Do not bend, cut and never tamper with the test strips.
    The test strips are disposable. Never reuse a test strip on which blood or control solution was applied.
    Before starting the test, make sure the meter and test strips are approximately room temperature.
    Apply only solution OneTouch® Vita® control or a blood sample on the test strip.
    After completing a test, do not put the used strip into the vial.

    OneTouch® Vita®
    Glycemic self-monitoring device (ASG) for people with diabetes, is used when it is likely to result in a change in therapy; it must be systematic and multi-daily in type 1 diabetes and limited to certain patients in diabetes type 2. It requires education with a health professional.
    Read the instructions carefully.
    In case of discrepancy between the result and your current health status, contact your healthcare professional.
    This medical device is an in vitro diagnostic product regulated health door, under this regulation, the CE mark.
    Manufacturer: LifeScan Europe Distributor: LifeScan France

    LifeScan Labs

    LifeScan is a leading player in the Glycemic Self Monitoring market. Every day, more than 3 million people around the world use a LifeScan blood glucose meter. Our products can change the life of a diabetic.

    LifeScan's mission goes further, however. To control diabetes, it takes more than a practical measuring device. To succeed in controlling the disease in the long term, the patient must know his blood glucose level, how to measure and manage this information.

    This is why we consider that one of our essential missions is to provide accurate and understandable information. Our blood glucose meters can help improve the quality of life for people living with diabetes

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