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Strongid Horses Horse Wormer 26g is an effective deworming in the horse and foal that can treat conditions for internal parasites sensitive to pyrantel. Its marked nicotinic activity causes spastic paralysis of the gastrointestinal parasites.

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    Strongid Horses Horse Wormer 26g is a wormer for horses whose activity causes a spastic paralysis of gastro intestinal parasites. Insolubility provides exceptional safety factor

    Description and indications Strongid VERMIFUGE HORSES HORSES 26G


    Strongid Horses Horse Wormer 26g is used in the treatment of infections with gastrointestinal nematodes (adults) include:


    • Strongylus spp.
    • Parascaris equorum
    • Oxyurus equi
    • Cyathostomum spp.
    • Cylicocyclus spp.
    The insolubility of Vermifuge Strongid Horses gives it a unique safety factor indeed absorption in the digestive tract level is extremely low, more the molecule is absorbed rapidly metabolized and excreted through the urinary tract. Strongid Horse is active in administration single on parasites following horse... Strongilus spp, Parascaris equorum, Oxyurus equi Cyathostonum spp Cylicocyclus spp Pyrantel acts as an agonist of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors at the level of muscle cells of the nematodes that causes muscle paralysis worms, and from there their death and their expulsion from the host. Pyrantel has activity on gastrointestinal nematodes etr tapeworms.

    Usage tips and advice Strongid HORSES



    The weight of the animals should be assessed as accurately as possible before calculating the dose Strongid Horse.


    6.6 mg of pyrantel per kilo of live weight, single dose, oral, or 1 applicator 26 grams for an adult horse of 600 kg. The paste Strongid Horse is administered orally, in the absence from food, by introducing the extremity of the applicator into the interdental space and depositing the required amount of paste to the base of the tongue. Each tick of the applicator can treat 150 kg of bodyweight.





    Strongid Horses Horse Wormer 26g contains:


    • Pyrantel as enbonate: 152.30 mg
    • Methyl paraben (E218): 1.05 mg
    • Propyl parahydroxybenzoate (E216) 0.30 mg
    • Excipient: 1 g


    Handling Precautions


    Using Strongid Horses Horse Wormer 26g during pregnancy and lactation: Studies in laboratory animals did not reveal any embryotoxic or teratogenic potential of pyrantel Safety in the mare has not been studied.. Pyrantel étantb poorly absorbed, the use of this drug should not pose any particular problem.




    Horses Strongid conditioning is oral syringe 26g.

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