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    • Fully automatic

    • A key to ignition and taking measurements

    • A key to reading the memories


    • Affi chage big screen

    • Affi chage date and time

    • 60 memories

    • Arrhythmia detection

    • Measures qualifi ed as standard OMSdiagnostic

    voltage. Equipped with latest standard

    with alarm abnormal blood pressure

    • Low battery indicator

    • Carrying case

    • 120 Gr


    • Long battery life: more than 200 measurements

    per set of batteries

    • 2 Batteries 1.5V LR03 (AAA)

    • Auto power off after 1 minute of



    • 2 year warranty

    Reference: KD 735


    Fuzzi Logic system (smart metering)
    This technique results from the analysis by comparing thousands of different algorithms (or thousands of combinations), combined into one sophisticated program in which
    manufacturers have given the name of Fuzzy Logic. This system has the advantage of being able to measure the entire pulse, including atypical pulse (weak, strong, irregular), which represent 20% of cases. The "standard" algorithm recognizes only the normal pulse (80% of cases).
    Inflation applied to the Fuzzy Logic system is highly reliable and provides an optimized cuff taking into account the particularities of each individual, regardless of the size of the arm inflation.

    Directions for use




    Precaution for use




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    If you have a very weak or irregular arterial pulse, your wrist auto-sensometer may not be able to determine the correct blood pressure value. Diabetics and people with cardiac arrhythmias and narrowing vessels should consult their doctor before taking their blood pressure measurements themselves, since their blood pressure values ​​may differ from normal values. This also applies to pregnant women.

    Only a doctor is able to interpret the values ​​of your blood pressure. Do not change medication without consulting your doctor.

    Blood pressure reflects the blood pressure in the arteries. It is expressed by two numbers: The first digit (the highest), corresponds to the systolic pressure , that is to say to the pressure of the blood when the heart contracts and empties. The second digit, (the weakest), is the diastolic pressure , that is, the blood pressure when the heart relaxes and fills up.
    Blood pressure is not fixed, but varies continuously. It increases with effort, strong emotions, etc ... but goes down to rest or night. Blood pressure is generally considered "normal" if it is less than 140 mm (14 cm) of mercury for systolic blood pressure and less than 90 mm (9 cm) of mercury for diastolic blood pressure. We talk about high blood pressure when the blood pressure in the arteries is regularly too high. Several tests, at rest, are necessary to diagnose hypertension, because there is a border zone between normal blood pressure and true hypertension, which can correspond either to a beginner hypertension, or simply to reflect the variability of the tension.

    The electronic sphygmomanometer indicates the tension in mmHg, whereas the doctor often expresses in cmHg. It is necessary to divide by 10 the values ​​given by the tensiometer (except the pulse), if one wants to express itself like the doctor.

    In patients with low heart rate (eg pacemaker), measurement errors are possible. The wrist blood pressure monitor does not interfere with the operation of a pacemaker.

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