YLO 01. Sleep recharging extract of medicinal plants

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YLO 01. Sleep recharging extract of medicinal plants in our pharmacy bio, Comment on advice for use and dosage with our partner Avis checked after your purchase.

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Used for : fatigue, stress, anxiété, insomnie, nervosité, troubles du sommeil

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    YLO 01. Sleep recharging extract of medicinal plants

    Ylo Sleep is specially developed to fight against sleep disorders : difficulty falling asleep, night awakenings, restless sleep, early morning awakenings.

    Ylo Sleep also reduces stress, fatigue and nervousness.

    Description of YLO 01. Sleep recharging extract of medicinal plants

    The phyto-acupressure sleep refill offers a synergy of plants with calming, soothing virtues and promoting a restful and serene sleep:

    • Angélique sinensis: acts on chronic fatigue and b.
    • The Silk Tree: Fights sadness and insomnia , it calms the mind and nourishes the heart.
    • White peony: calm anxiety
    • Siberian Ginseng: soothes and tranquilizes the mind while toning vital energy

    Advice for use and dosage

    1. Locate Acupressure Zones with Guide

    2. Apply active plant concentrate to areas

    3. Activate by pressing the areas with the 2 stainless tips of the pen of Phyto-acupressure

    The pen works with all refills.

    Natural solution, suitable for sensitive skin, without addiction.

    Suitable for pregnant women.

    Suitable for children over 3 years old.

    Comment on the tips for use and dosage of YLO 01. Sleep Refill Herbal Extract with our Verified Reviews partner after your purchase.


    1 refill of Active Plant Concentrate Sleep, about 20 days of use , 4ml
    1 acupressure zone guide.

    Precaution of use

    Do not leave within the reach of children

    Our advice and expert advice in pharmacy

    Here are some tips to better prepare for sleep and sleep.
    - Promote certain foods that help sleep well. This is particularly the case for foods rich in tryptophan, such as legumes (lentils, chickpeas, dried beans), seeds (squash, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin), cashews, dates, bananas or bananas. mango.
    - Dinner 2 or 3 hours before going to bed allows time to digest before and not during sleep, which would disrupt it.
    - Avoid caffeine from 16 hours, which could prevent us from going to sleep.
    - Make micro-naps the day. Indeed, a nap of 20 minutes (maximum) can be more vigilant during the day and do not delay falling asleep at night!
    - Exercise, sport being a great cure for stress! Endorphins are released and tensions removed, this promotes the onset of deep sleep, provided not to practice within 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.

    What is acupressure?

    The ancient Asian traditional medicine is based on the concept of flow circulation in the body, which govern and control all its activities. These flows circulate continuously in the body, following invisible paths, called meridians . Taking root in the fundamental theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure has the principle of rebalancing the body through the manual stimulation of energy points. Particularly effective, this practice has existed in China for at least 5000 years.

    Ylo combines the benefits of acupressure with the benefits of phytotherapy:   Phytoacupressure is the synergistic combination of an active plant concentrate and an acupressure pen exerting pressure on the acupressure zones

    Sleep and herbal medicine: find our new range of phytotherapeutic products to effectively treat your sleep disorders in a natural way

    Fatigue awakening , drawn features , drowsiness in the day, ... your nights are restless and your sleep restless.
    Winter is the season of sleep and recovery . There are many signs that night time is longer, animals are hibernating, nature brings us energy-rich and fatty-rich dried fruits and fortifying and nourishing vegetables.
    All those who suffer from insomnia , complete or partial, those whose sleep is disturbed or agitated , despite their efforts, fail to take full advantage of the opportunity that is offered to them in winter.
    Stress , anxiety , anxiety , waking up at night ... The causes of insomnia can be varied. But by choosing herbal medicine , and good plants, we can promote sleep and regain sleep.
    Sleep disorders are usually transient. Do not throw yourself on heavy artillery! Try the sweet methods ! Most plants have the advantage of having little or no side effects and no dependence.
    The proposed plants against sleep disorders are mainly plants with sedative (soothing) properties such as valerian, passionflower, hops, lemon balm and hawthorn ... They are used separately or in formulas composed of several plants . These plants are most often available in the form of drugs or extracts in capsules, tablets or as such for infusions.

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