HYDRALIN QUOTIDIEN Intimate hygiene + HYDRALIN GYN in case of vaginal mycosis

HYDRALIN QUOTIDIEN Intimate hygiene + HYDRALIN GYN in case of vaginal mycosis View larger


HYDRALIN QUOTIDIEN LIQUID SOAP 200ML AND HYDRALIN GYN 200 ML INTIMATE HYGIENE: The Soothing Solution Hydralin QUOTIDIEN laboratories Bayer is a treatment specially designed for everyday use and designed to protect the inner balance. The Care for Intimate Hygiene Hydralin Gyn laboratories Bayer is for all women with consecutive irritations mycological proliferation

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    HYDRALIN QUOTIDIEN Intimate hygiene + HYDRALIN GYN in case of vaginal mycosis

    Gynecologist doctors generally advise not to exceed one to two intimate toilets per day at most, and to avoid douching. To want to be too clean, it disturbs the fragile balance of the intimate flora .

    Classic shower gels are not the most recommended, nor the most suitable, because they can dry this fragile area! Your intimate toilet should therefore be summed up with a gentle washing of the vulva and lips, followed by careful drying. If you are prone to intimate discomfort , be aware that lounging in a nice warm bath is a good way to relax, but it is a little less for your intimate area.

    Description of the batch of HYDRALIN QUOTIDIEN cleansing care Intimate hygiene + HYDRALIN GYN in case of vaginal mycosis

    The soothing solution Hydralin QUOTIDIEN from Bayer Laboratories is a   care specially adapted for daily use and designed to protect the intimate balance.

    • It contains Lotus extract that has soothing and soothing properties.
    • It enhances the intimate protection and soothes irritations due to improper hygiene or tight fitting clothes.
    • The lactic acid contained in the Hydralin QUOTIDIEN formula protects the natural balance of the flora (3,4) and helps to respect the intimate ecosystem.
    • Thanks to its physiological pH (pH = 5.2), Hydralin QUOTIDIEN respects the natural acidity and allows a daily use, calms the feelings of discomfort.
    • Hypoallergenic, paraben free and soap-free, Hydralin QUOTIDIEN Soothing Solution gently cleans, calms, softens and respects the sensitivity of the intimate area, day after day.

    The Hydralin Gyn Intimate Hygiene Care for Bayer Laboratories is intended for all women with irritations due to mycological proliferation or gynecological infection. Its use at the first signs of discomfort can effectively fight against irritation.

    • Thanks to glycocolle, a substance with soothing properties, Hydralin Gyn provides lasting relief (up to 12 hours) and allows you to regain an intimate well-being.
    • Thanks to an alkaline pH (pH 8.5), it makes it possible to fight against excess acidity favorable to the development of Candida albicans, thus limiting the mycological proliferation.
    • Candida Albicans is a fungus naturally present in the body, and is part of the normal intimate flora. Under the influence of certain factors (wearing too tight clothing, hormonal disorders, stress, use of aggressive soaps ...), and when the vulvovaginal medium becomes too acidic (pH <5), a mycological proliferation can cause inconvenience to types of irritation and intimate discomfort.


    • To protect and strengthen the intimate balance: Use Hydralin QUOTIDIEN Daily Soothing Solution   like a liquid soap when intimate cleansing. Rinse thoroughly with water after application. If irritation persists, medical treatment may be necessary. External use.
    • In case of irritations change the solution and use Hydralin Gyn Intimate Hygiene Care during personal hygiene as a liquid soap then rinse thoroughly with water after application. Daily use is possible. Not a substitute for specific medical treatment and can be used as an accompaniment. External use.

    Composition of HYDRALIN QUOTIDIEN Intimate Hygiene and HYDRALIN GYN

    Hydralin QUOTIDIEN: Paraben free - No soap - No coloring - Hypoallergenic - Clinically tested.

    Lotus, provitamin B5, excipients qs 100%.

    Aqua, sodium cocoampho acetate, sodium cocoyl apple amino acids, panthenol, peg-7 glyceryl cocoate, polysorbate 20, citric acid, nelumbo nucifera root extract, glycine, lactic acid, peg-120-ppg-10 trimethylol-propane trioleate, laureth- 2, phospholipids, glycine soy oil, glycolipids, glycine soy sterols, perfume, disodium edta.

    Hydralin Gyn: Paraben free - No soap - No coloring - No preservative - Alkaline pH (about 8.5) - Hypoallergenic - Tested under medical supervision.

    Aqua, cocamidopropyl betaine, cocamide dea, stearamine oxide, glycine, sodium chloride, PEG-6 caprylic / capric triglycerides, perfume, sodium hydroxide.


    Lot of two flasks with a bottle of Hydralin QUOTIDIEN 200ml + a bottle of Hydralin Gyn 200ml, in cardboard boxes.

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