Fazup Patch Anti Wave Smartphone


Protect yourself from the waves with your mobile Faz Patch Up Anti Wave Smartphone. Eliminates or reduces discomfort sensations (headache, inflammation, tinnitus ...). Recommended by GPs. Proven in the lab.

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Used for : allergies, cephalalgia, dry eyes, headache, sinus, puffy eyes

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    Your mobile emits electromagnetic waves to potentially harmful effects. Why continue to take a risk when it is so easy to reduce your exposure to radiation? Adopt and recommend Fazup is choosing to protect yourself and your loved ones against this radiation, the impact on health is the subject of numerous scientific studies and is a real social debate. Paste Fazup patch on the back of your mobile enough to reduce to 99% the amount of waves absorbed by your head or your body (DAS * standard).

    Patch anti wave smartphone fazup

    Description Faz Patch Up Anti Wave Smartphone

    A real revolution, the FAZUP patch eliminates all the side effects caused by the wave of phones and other smartphones. It reduces the specific absorption rate (SAR) of 99% which eliminates feelings of discomfort such as headaches, inflammation, tinnitus ...

    Proven in laboratory:
    The patch Fazup acts directly on reducing wave your mobile to -99%. These reductions are measured on the international standard SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) that quantifies your maximum exposure to waves of radiating devices. These tests are performed by EMITECH accredited French laboratory COFRAC for SAR measurements.

    fazup for smartphones

    Usage Tips Faz Patch Up Anti Wave Smartphone

    Reliable and efficient, Fazup is a real revolution after more than 10 years of intensive research. Patented worldwide, this new technology made ​​in France shows incomparable results scientifically validated. His performance was tested by EMITECH accredited French laboratory COFRAC ** for SAR measurements *. To ensure the optimal performance validated laboratory Fazup must be precisely positioned on the back of your mobile using a proprietary delivery system designed for each model compatible phone.

    Compatible with most major brands of mobile phone:

    • Apple Iphone
    • Samsung
    • HTC
    • Nokia
    • Sony
    • BlackBerry
    • LG

    Composition Faz Patch Up Anti Wave Smartphone

    Fazup is the only effective and scientifically proven solution that reduces up to 99% of the amount absorbed by your brain waves. Fazup is an ultra thin patch containing a passive antenna that regulates the emission of electromagnetic waves

    - Proven effectiveness
    - DAS reduction up to 99%
    - Compatible with major global frequency bands (2G / 3G / 4G)
    - Do not alter the quality of communication (2)
    - Compatible with your favorite shell (3)
    - Patented worldwide

    Patch anti wave fazup

    Presentation Faz Patch Up Anti Wave Smartphone

    The box Patch Anti Wave Fazup contains:

    - 1 anti-wave patch FAZUP for iPhone

    - A user guide (installation instructions) in French,

    - A micro chip in fiber to cleanse your mobile before installation,

    - Positioning molds patch to perfectly position the FAZUP patch at the antenna of your smartphone.

    FAZUP is entirely made ​​in France.


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