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HIV self test POST ® Screening of HIV / AIDS

Rapid HIV / AIDS virus without prescription

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    HIV self test POST ® Screening of HIV / AIDS

    HIV self-test blood ® is a self without HIV testing order available in France from 15 September 2015.


    1st self-test HIV-AIDS blood screening without prescription CE marked and manufactured in France, VIH® self test has been the subject of preliminary studies with the help of national associations AIDS Prevention and HF.

    Directions for use of HIV self-test

    The HIV self-testing blood is easy to use and gives a result in 15 minutes from a drop of blood. This allocation is performed by the user after the disinfected finger. He just needs to prick the tip with the needle then place the tip of the test on the medium.

    The test looks for the presence of HIV antibodies. If positive, it will contact the doctor or Sida Info Service (0 800 840 800, anonymous and free).

    The self-test HIV / AIDS benefit SIDA® Info Service support to ensure support for future listening material users, guidance and support for the implementation of HIV self-test / SIDA® anonymously via its telephone platform and free.

    Precaution of use

    According to the French High Health Authority, the self-tests are in addition to existing screening services and should not be replaced. Unlike other screening tests of HIV infection, self-tests have obtained the CE mark will be sold in pharmacies (without prescription) and may be carried out and interpreted by the user at home. However, these tests are not 100% reliable, and any positive result must be confirmed by a laboratory test (ELISA 4th generation). They are not very sensitive in case of recent infection (less than 3 months).

    Furthermore, blood HIV self-tests do not detect other sexually transmitted infections or viral hepatitis.

    The ADVIH seroconversion window of up to three months, which means that HIV infections older than three months can not be detected by these tests.


    Transmission of a blood autotest

    Our Pharmacy expert advice

    Currently in France, 150,000 people are living with the HIV virus in France and 20% of those infected are unaware of their HIV status.

    Infection screening of HIV self-testing QUESTIONS / ANSWERS

    L'autotest does not replace other HIV screening modalities, complete it.
    Personne shall be compelled to perform a self-test in order to influence certain practices or decisions.
    Attention, self-tests without CE marking (or with a fake CE) sold on merchant sites provide no guarantee of quality.
    L'autotest does not detect a HIV infection the day after a risky behavior or accidental exposure. The result is reliable only if taking risk is more than three months.
    L'autotest not detecting other sexually transmitted infections or hepatitis.
    Tout positive result must be confirmed by a test based on standard laboratory techniques (4th generation ELISA).
    Un negative test does not necessarily mean that the person tested and (s) partner (s) are not infected with HIV.
    Il is important that people with HIV are supported and treated as quickly as possible.

    For questions or in case of doubt about the implementation or interpretation of the result, the person can contact Sida Info Service (0 800 840 800 Free call anonymously and available 24h / 24 and 7/7), see https: // or contact with health professionals (physician, pharmacist, etc.)

    For more information visit the website of French High Health Authority

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