Cancer Screening Colorectal Autotest Medisur

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Cancer Screening Colorectal Autotest Medisur is a screening test for Colorectal Cancer. Blood test in the stool. Human hemoglobin.

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    Cancer Screening Colorectal Autotest Medisur

    93% reliability.

    Colorectal cancer is the second most deadly cancer, yet when it is cared for early it is cured in 9 out of 10 cases.
    The COLORECTAL AUTOTEST is a very specific immunological rapid test that can detect the presence of blood in the stool.

    The presence of non-visible blood in the stool, called occult faecal blood, may indicate di ff erent gastrointestinal disorders. ulcers, polyps, colitis, anal fissures, haemorrhoids or colorectal cancer. Demonstration of this presence of blood in the stool may allow diagnosis and early management of these conditions. The detection of blood in the stool is recommended at least every two years from 50 years. Screening can help detect benign lesions (polyps) before they get worse.

    Description of Colorectal Cancer Screening Autotest Medisur

    Colorectal Cancer Screening Autotest Medisur is specific for human hemoglobin whose presence in the stool can detect abnormal bleeding from the intestine and / or the lower digestive tract. There are several reasons for the presence of blood: ulcers, hemorrhoids, polyps or colorectal cancer. The chances of survival are greater than 90% if the cancer is detected and treated early.

    Advice for use and dosage

    This self-test can be done at any time of the day for 3 consecutive days, it does not require a particular diet. It is advisable for subjects aged 45 and over or having close relatives with colorectal cancer to perform a test annually.


    1 cassette, 3 special stool collection papers, 1 extraction syringe, 1 instructions for use and 1 desiccant sachet.


    1 Colorectal cancer screening Autotest Medisur

    Our advice and expert advice in pharmacy

    This self test comes from hospital research and has been adapted for individual use.
    It is used in more than 100 countries .

    Medisur self-tests, tests to be done at home, available in pharmacies

    Like the national campaign, the goal is to reduce mortality through screening. However, some people are not inclined to carry out the test of the national campaign, the test being to recover at his general practitioner, to realize at home, then to return by postal way. In addition, 60% of the hemoglobin is destroyed after 72 hours at room temperature1. Finally, in the summer, for example, the temperature in the mail boxes increases considerably, the laboratory thus receives a sample where the hemoglobin has possibly been destroyed. The MEDISUR test gives an immediate result.
    In addition, polyps, in most cases of early diagnosed diseases, have been shown to bleed only intermittently. The MEDISUR test allows 3 samples to be taken to increase the probability of detecting any bleeding. Stool samples should therefore be collected over 3 consecutive days to ensure a safer diagnosis for the patient.

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    Medisur is a laboratory that offers salivary or urinary self-tests at home. Allergy, micronutrient deficiency, dysfunction of an organ, early detection of cancer ... so many information needs that you can follow soon from home thanks to the MEDISUR self-tests.

    The steps to detect a pathology in a patient take time and are binding. A round trip between the doctor and the laboratory analysis, the waiting time for obtaining the analytical results, or the type of blood or urine exam to achieve may discourage the patient.
    2/3 of French people have already given up their care, because of lack of time, because of the delays in getting an appointment with a specialist doctor,
    because of geographical distance, or the cost of consultation with a prescriber. Some do not take the time to consult for screening and prefer to postpone the time of the consultation of a doctor.

    Urine or salivary self tests are not used to replace a medical diagnosis , but to sound an alarm bell and point to the most appropriate care.
    Of course, our role as a pharmacist is to advise you on the performance of the test but also on the follow-up and the action to take according to the result of the test and the persistence of the symptoms , in order to possibly direct you towards additional examinations .

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