MyTest Mylan Test Colorectal Screening Digestive Pathologies 1 kit

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MyTest Mylan Test Colorectal 1 kit is a test detecting the presence of blood in the stool. It allows the detection of diseases of the digestive system.

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    MyTest Mylan Test Colorectal Screening Digestive Pathologies 1 kit

    • Test to detect the presence of blood in the stool.
    • Screening for pathologies of the digestive system.
    • Male / female over 45 years old.

    Description of MyTest Mylan Test Colorectal 1 kit

    My Colorectal Testing Screening Pathology Digestive System Mylan    Is a very specific immunological rapid test that does not require a period of diet. It has been shown that polyps, in most cases of early diagnosed diseases, bleed only intermittently. Stool samples should therefore be collected over 3 consecutive days to increase the probability of detection of bleeding to ensure a safer diagnosis for the patient.

    Usage advice and dosage

    1 red band at the "C" level: Negative

    1 red band at the "C" level + 1 red band at the "T" level: Positive


    1 hermetically sealed aluminum protective pouch containing:

    1 Bowel FOB Test cassette and 1 desiccant sachet,
    3 strips for stool removal,
    1 syringe containing 2 ml Bowel FOB Test diluent in a plastic protective pouch,
    1 user manual


    1 kit Mytest Mylan Colotectal Test

    Our expert advice in pharmacy

    Blood in the stool may indicate different gastrointestinal disorders. These disorders have several causes such as ulcers, polyps, colitis, anal fissures and colorectal cancer. The visual examination does not detect these conditions and the symptoms are often silent. Only the presence of blood in them may indicate gastrointestinal disorder.
    The detection of blood in the stools must be carried out at least once a year from 45 years.

    Mylan Autotest

    Mylan provides patients with a range of self-testing tests covering 12 common pathologies. According to the case, the patient will be required to carry out the test with a drop of blood, urine or stool, according to the pathology sought. Each self-test is conditioned to allow the test to be carried out more than once (in case of doubt or error of use).

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