MyTest Mylan Test Cannabis 3 Kits

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Autotest MylanAutotest Mylan

MyTest Mylan Test Cannabis 3 kits Mylan is a self-test for the presence of THC in urine.

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    • Simple and fast self-test
    • Test indicating the presence of THC in the urine
    • Detection of cannabis use

    Description of MyTest Mylan Test Cannabis 3 Kits

    Cannabis Test indicating the presence of THC in the urine. Detection of cannabis use.

    Result display time: 5 minutes

    Reading result:

    • 1 band: Positive (cannabis use is proven)
    • 2 strips: Negative

    using advice

    1 band: Positive (cannabis use is proven)
    2 strips: Negative


    3 hermetically sealed aluminum foil bags containing

    • 1 test strip and 1 desiccant sachet,
    • 3 plastic cups for the urine sample,
    • 1 instruction manual.


    Box of 3 kits MyTest Mylan Test Cannabis.

    Our advice and expert advice in pharmacy

    • Why do a THC analysis?

    After consumption of cannabis, mainly by inhalation, THC is immediately detectable in the blood. Its presence is also detectable in urine and saliva. THC is therefore used as a marker to detect the use of cannabis, often in a medico-legal context (road accident, suspicion of drug use, etc.) or professional (occupational medicine).

    Several tests are used, depending on the context:

    • Blood screening : it can detect cannabis use within 2 to 10 hours after setting (THC, 11OH-THC and THC-COOH are sought). This test is preferred in the event of a road accident, for example. It allows to estimate the time elapsed between the last consumption and the blood test. When the concentration of THC is higher than that of 11OH-THC, this indicates a consumption by inhalation. The opposite shows a consumption by ingestion. After 3 to 4 days, the cannabinoids are completely eliminated from the blood.
    • Urinary screening (THC-COOH): it allows to detect an occasional consumption up to 2 to 7 days after, and even longer in case of chronic consumption (7 to 21 days or even more).
    • Salivary screening (THC): it is sometimes used by the police forces for a check with the motorists. It can detect a consumption dating from 2 to 10 hours. Its scientific reliability, however, is not consensus (existence of false positives).

    In the hair (generally in autopsy), consumption can be seen several months or even years after (the hair grows on average of one cm / month and the traces of THC do not disappear).

    As an indication, the test is considered negative if the urine concentration <25 to="" 50="" ng="" ml="" p="">

    Mylan Autotest

    Mylan provides patients with a range of self-testing tests covering 12 common pathologies. According to the case, the patient will be required to carry out the test with a drop of blood, urine or stool, according to the pathology sought. Each self-test is conditioned to allow the test to be carried out more than once (in case of doubt or error of use).

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