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Green health Vitamin D3 200UI Natural Defenses: Vitamin D3, from Green Health laboratories, is a food supplement allowing to compensate for deficiencies in vitamin D. Vitamin D3 has an absorption complex bringing together five active ingredients of natural origin which act in synergy.

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Used for : Vitamin D deficiency, Vitamin D3 supplementation, vitamin d3, hypocalcemia, hypocalcemia

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    Vitamin D plays a very important role in preventing osteoporosis by facilitating the assimilation of calcium and phosphorus.

    Stemming from green health expertise, vitamin D3 200UI is a complex of 3 recognized plant extracts (milk thistle, fig and black pepper) associated with vitamin D3 from lanolin, a substance of natural origin.

    A large part of the population is deficient in vitamin D3, a vitamin which is involved in the maintenance of good immunity. Adequate daily intake is therefore important to maintain the proper functioning of the immune system.

    What are the benefits of Vitamin D3 200UI from Green Health?

    Vitamin D3 , from Green Health laboratories, is a food supplement to compensate for vitamin D deficiencies . Vitamin D3 has an absorption complex bringing together five active ingredients of natural origin which act in synergy.

    Vitamin D3 has many virtues, in fact it:

    • Helps maintain calcemia of the bone structure but also of muscle function
    • Helps in the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus
    • Promotes bone growth and development in children
    • Maintains normal functioning of the immune system

    What is the dosage of Santé Verte Vitamin D3 200UI?

    Take 1 drop per day. Depending on the needs, it is possible to take up to 10 drops per day. Read the instructions carefully.

    Taking vitamin D3 ( calcitriol ) significantly improves the absorption of calcium and intestinal magnesium .

    What is the composition of the food supplement Vitamin D3 Natural Defenses Green Health?

    Virgin rapeseed oil, vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol), glycerol hydroalcoholic extract of fig leaf buds (Ficus carica), dry extract of black pepper fruits (Piper nigrum). Antioxidant: extracts rich in tocopherols. Dry extract of milk thistle seeds (Silybum marianum). Aroma: Ginger essential oil. [IL-6026-B].

    Composition for 1/10 drops (44/440 µL):

    Ingredients and dosages
    Dry extract of black pepper (Piper nigrum) titrated to 95% piperine: 81 µg / 810 µg
    Glycerine hydroalcoholic extract of Fig tree (Ficus carica): 81 µg / 810 µg
    Dry extract of milk thistle (Silydum marianum) titrated to 80% silymarin: 40.5 µg / 405 µg
    Vitamin D3 from lanolin: 5 µg / 50 µg (200/2000 IU * or 100% / 1000% of AR **)
    * UI: International Units
    ** AR: Reference Intakes.

    Precautions for use

    Keep the bottle tightly closed in a cool place, away from moisture.

    This dietary supplement is not a medicine and does not replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended dose. It is suitable for adults and adolescents over 12 years of age. It is recommended that pregnant or breastfeeding women seek the advice of a doctor or pharmacist.

    Presentation - Packaging

    Vitamin D3 from the Santé Verte brand is available in a 15ml dropper bottle that can meet the daily intake requirements.

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