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SomniPhyt melatonin SPRAY Health Green 20 ml bio for sale in our pharmacy. Enriched with melatonin to promote sleep.

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    SomniPhyt MELATONINE SPRAY Health Green

    The best place in case of nighttime awakenings and trips abroad through the intake Melatonin appreciated if time differences and that of Melissa for her contribution to maintaining a healthy sleep.

    Description SomniPhyt melatonin SPRAY Health Green

    SomniPhyt Melatonin Dropper is a complex of 6 active Melatonin enriched to reduce sleep latency. It helps you fall asleep more easily. It stimulates relaxation and deep sleep. This nutritional supplement also reduces stress and anxiety. Find a natural sleep with this exclusive Green Health Laboratories. His dropper format allows a dosage adapted to individual needs.

    Directions for use of melatonin SomniPhyt

    Take 3 sprays per day in the mouth 30 minutes before bedtime
    Somniphyt® Melatonin Spray allows about 40 uses.

    Recommended combination with Valdispert Rough night

    Soufrants for people with chronic sleep disorders, difficulty falling asleep with alarm clocks and night or light sleep, we recommend a course of a month of melatonin Valdispert associated Phytostandard Eschscholzia-PhytoPrevent valerian .

    Indeed, Eschscholtzia is an herbal sedative properties, hypnotics and anxiolytics, which promotes quality sleep.

    Valerian is an herb that provides relaxation and promote sleep.

    Composition of melatonin SomniPhyt SPRAY Health Green

    Melissa, Poppy, Water, Melatonin, Vitamin B6.

    Introducing SomniPhyt melatonin

    20 ml bottle.

    Our Pharmacy expert advice

    Melatonin or N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine, often called sleep hormone, is best known as the central hormone regulation of chronobiological rhythms being synthesized mainly at night. It regulates many hormonal secretions, humans and all mammals. This neurohormone is synthesized from the neurotransmitter serotonin, which derives itself tryptophan. It is secreted by the pineal gland (in the brain) in response to the absence of light.

    Melatonin appears to have multiple functions, other than hormonal in particular as an antioxidant. She would play a special role in the protection of nuclear DNA and mitochondrial DNA. It also seems to play a role in the immune system.

    Microbes and various plants also produce melatonin (known phytomélatonine in the case of plants)

    Quality Health Green, an expert in herbal medicine:
    Drawing on expertise gained since 1985, the Green Health Laboratories forge their reputation on

    • their exclusive formulas herbal, vitamins, minerals, amino acids ...
    • their natural products, and quality
    • their service to listen to the consumer

    Dietary supplements and natural cosmetics Green Health Laboratories are distributed exclusively in pharmacy and drugstore.

    Health Green cheap in your bio pharmacy online

    Green Health Laboratories is a French brand of dietary supplements, strong of an experience of 30 years meadows in the distribution of food supplements and dietary products and member of the National Union of dietary supplements (SYNADIET). Green Health Laboratories range offers consumers the very best: products formulated herbal, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and whose effectiveness is based on a thorough knowledge of essential nutrients.


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